Pastoret Yoghourt

Pastoret Caprichos de Yoghourt- orange & chocolate-001
Obviously I’m not on a diet anymore but I still TRY to eat healthy specially for breakfast. When I was in Europe I still made it a point to eat yogurt every morning together with espresso and a baked pastry. I just loved trying all sorts of yogurt around Europe and trust me not one of them was low fat.

I take yogurt for breakfast for the calcium and protein it gives me. It keeps me full longer too. In Spain my favorite brand was Pastoret. We only found Pastoret yoghourt in specialty stores and in Mercado San Miguel in Madrid. I didn’t see it in the supermarket.
Pastoret Caprichos de Yoghourt

Caprichos de Yoghourt translated to Yoghourt Whims based on their website. Rochelle chose the coffee toffee while I got the orange and chocolate which is my all time favorite flavor combination. I never thought in my wildest dreams that there would be a yogurt with this flavor. Finding ice cream with this flavor is hard enough.
Pastoret Caprichos de Yoghourt-001

Check out the heavy glass jar it came in. The bottom layer was an orange puree then the yogurt and the top was a thick chocolate sauce.
Pastoret Caprichos de Yoghourt- orange & chocolate

The chocolate was thick almost like a pudding. Surprisingly it wasn’t very sweet. It does look more like a dessert but it still tasted like yogurt. I loved it!!!!
Pastoret Caprichos de Yoghourt- orange & chocolate-001

We bought this lemon and mint in Madrid.
Pastoret Caprichos de Yoghourt-005
lemon and mint

Pastoret Caprichos de Yoghourt-006

I dream that one day this will reach Manila. Paging Rustan’s or Terry Selection. Please, please import this. Maybe I can find this in Hong Kong.

2 thoughts on “Pastoret Yoghourt

  1. There is absolutely nothing healthy about yogurt, the calcium contained is not assimilated by the body and it is therefore responsible for generations of women suffering from osteoporosis in Europe. The only one that it should be healthy for is the veal, unfortunately he does not get to have it. European market being saturated and realizing they have been conned, marketers try to sale it in Asia under healthy fallacious argument, if you believe them soon you too will suffer from osteoporosis. It’s a treat at best, but one that causes a lot of animal suffering


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