San Sebastian: Gran Bar La Espiga and Rojo Y Negro

antxoas Getaria (Getaria anchovies) €9
Goodbye San Sebastian! These were our last meals in the city that topped the poll as the greatest gastronomic destination in the world. San Sebastian beat out Tokyo, Sydney and Paris for the top spot for foodies and I agree 100%!

From Michelin 3 Star restaurants to pintxos bars the food never failed to amaze us. I almost made a grave mistake in not joining my cousins for our last dinner since I was honestly still full from our 9 course lunch at Akelaŕe and I was tired from shopping in the afternoon. But since the restaurant they chose was just across our hotel I went at the last minute and I’m so glad I did.
Gran Bar San Sebastian

Gran Bar San Sebastian-001

They had some cold pintxos on the bar.
Gran Bar San Sebastian- pintxos

Since we were a big group with kids they led us downstairs to sit.
Gran Bar San Sebastian-005

Gran Bar San Sebastian-004

The jamon croquetas were for the kids but they kindly left one for me. Not the best I’ve tried.
croquetas €7.20
croquetas €7.20

antxoas fritas (fried anchovies) €9
antxoas fritas (fried anchovies) €9

These were the best anchovies I’ve ever eaten. What made it different from the others I’ve eaten were the addition of crispy garlic on top. It really added an extra flavor dimension asides from just vinegar and oil.
antxoas Getaria (Getaria anchovies) €9
antxoas Getaria (Getaria anchovies) €9

We all went nuts over the extremely tender squid cooked in it’s own ink and served with a tiny amount of white rice. Naturally the rice wasn’t enough so we had to make do with dipping the bread in the super delicious sauce.
txipirones tinta (squid in black ink) €14.50
txipirones tinta (squid in black ink) €14.50

The carnivores in our group specially the kids loved the steak.
entrecot con patata (steak & potatoes) €13.50
entrecot con patata (steak & potatoes) €13.50

One last cochinillo. After the unusual and out of this world cochinillo from lunch this paled in comparison but still it wasn’t bad at all. We let the guys who skipped lunch eat this.
cochinillo asado (roasted baby pig) €19.50
cochinillo asado (roasted baby pig) €19.50

The guys who didn’t join us for lunch at Akelaŕe were teasing us that our dinner for 8 adults and 4 kids cost less than what one person paid at Akelaŕe. True but we don’t regret our spectacular lunch experience at all.
Gran Bar San Sebastian-006

Gran Bar Tapas menu
Gran Bar La Spiga’s Tapas menu

Gran Bar's menu Gran Bar's menu-001

(click to enlarge)

My cousins had a nice chat with the friendly owners of Gran Bar as we left the restaurant. I was outside watching their kids.

The next day we decided to have a quick lunch before we separated ways and meet up again in Barcelona. One family took the train while La and family and our group drove to Barcelona.

We chose Rojo Y Negro which was right beside Gran Bar La Espiga.
Rojo & Negros

I was wary of the ready cooked tapas on the bar since I didn’t have a very good experience the night before in this kind of a set-up.
Rojo & Negros-001

It turned out to be very good specially the one on the left, jamon topped with foie gras and balsamic glaze. It was awesome!!!
Rojo & Negros-002

My cousin chose this octopus with potatoes. Unbelievably tender.
Rojo & Negros-003

I didn’t like the croquetas though.
Rojo & Negros-004

Finally dessert on the pintxos bar!!!  I loved the apple cake with a layer of custard in the middle. Fantabulous, another slice please.
Rojo & Negros-005

Dark chocolate mousse on cake? Yum!!!! What a marvelous end to our quick 3 day stay in San Sebastian. It was way too short and I will definitely be back.
Rojo & Negros-006

Gran Bar La Espiga
Calle de San Marcial, 48 20005 Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain
telephone: 943 421 423

Rojo Y Negro
Calle San Marcial 52, 20005 Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain
telephone: 943 431 862

One thought on “San Sebastian: Gran Bar La Espiga and Rojo Y Negro

  1. Leslie, been searching for the name of this famous Spanish dish made with chocolate in it. It a savory dish and chocolate was one the ingredient in it. It was showed on a PBS food travel show some years ago. I think it some kind of seafood dish.


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