Barcelona: Sweet Treats

bubo degustacioncarlosmampel
Right after our super delicious lunch at Santa Maria del Mar Restaurant we went in bubó, a pastry shop by Catalan pastry chef Carles Mampel,  which was nearby.

I’ve never seen so may different colors and unique flavors of marshmallows before. I wonder what gourmet marshmallows tasted like. I wish I bought some to try.
bubó - Guimauve (marshmallow)
Guimauve (marshmallow)

bubó degustacioncarlosmampel-001

I can’t believe I left the store empty handed. I was too full from lunch to to decide among all the gorgeous looking pastries.
bubó degustacioncarlosmampel-002

I love these stairs in a store we went in to. It showed the calories you will lose with each step up the stairs.
stairs in Natura

I wasn’t really planning to eat gelato in Barcelona since I was saving that for Italy but the display was at Tomo II was so unique it drew me into buying a small cup.
Tomo II Gelateria

Tomo II Gelateria-001

The gelato was kept in this huge space age looking freezer.
Tomo II Gelateria-002

When you choose a flavor the server hits a button and the display will spin and stop at the correct flavor. Neat huh?
Tomo II Gelateria-003

The gelato was superb. One of the darkest and richest chocolate gelatos I’ve ever eaten. This was not for the chocolate wimp.
Tomo II Gelateria-004
extra dark chocolate gelato €2.80

We kept walking to burn off the calories and found this beautiful gothic church, Barcelona Cathedral.
Catedral Basílica de Barcelona (Barcelona Cathedral)
Catedral Basílica de Barcelona (Barcelona Cathedral)

Beside the church was this structure that housed Gaudi’s studio.
El Taller De Gaudi (Gaudi's Studio)

I really wanted to go in but we couldn’t find an open entrance. We even walked around the whole building.
El Taller De Gaudi (Gaudi's Studio)-001
El Taller De Gaudi (Gaudi’s Studio)

I wouldn’t dream of eating McD in a country abound with spectacular food but the pastries displayed at this McCafe along Passeig de Gracia was too pretty and tempting to ignore.
McCafe Barcelona
McCafe Barcelona

Was I dreaming? The cakes looked amazing.
McCafe Barcelona-002
chocolate cake & tiramisu

McCafe Barcelona- brownies & cupcakes
brownies & cupcakes

McCafe Barcelona- muffins & cupcakes
muffins & cupcakes

I bet you can guess what I bought.
McCafe Barcelona- cookie triple de xocolata €1.50

McCafe Barcelona-005

McCafe Barcelona- easy order
easy order

Rochelle tried a pistachio macaron. It wasn’t horrible but it was nothing we would buy again.
McCafe Barcelona- pistachio macaron €.75
pistachio macaron €.75

My cookie was a bit over baked but it was good enough to satisfy my chocolate and cookie cravings.
McCafe Barcelona- triple chocolate cookie €1.50
triple chocolate cookie €1.50

bubó Born
Caputxes, 10 08003 Barcelona (Spain)
telephone: 932 687 224

Tomo II
Calle Argenteria, 61 08003 Barcelona

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