Rome: Flor Gelato

Flor Gelato - grandma's custard & extra bitter chocolate
I did my research beforehand for good places for gelato in Rome. A new brand of artisanal gelato called Flor has opened in Rome. Lucky for us a there was a branch near the Colosseum along Via Cavour near the entrance to the Roman Forum.

After our tour of the Colosseum we were so hot and tired that we decided to forego lunch for much needed gelato.
Flor Gelato-001

Flor Gelato-002

Flor Gelato-003

Just like Grom the gelato here are kept in steel vats and not displayed in huge artificial looking mounds filled with air. I really wanted to try the flavor citrus symphony (sinfonia di agrumi) made with lemons, mandarins and oranges but they didn’t have it that day.
Flor Gelato-004
fruit flavors

Flor Gelato-005

I chose the variegated cherry (variegato all’amarena) or cream with cherry syrup and extra bitter chocolate. You know those chocolate covered cherries? That’s what my combination tasted like only richer and more sinful. The extra bitter chocolate was the perfect partner to the creamy and sweet cherry gelato. Who needs food with gelato this good?
Flor Gelato- variegated cherry & extra bitter chocolate
variegated cherry & extra bitter chocolate €3

Rochelle’s choice of grandma’s custard (creme dela nonna) was scented with Sicilian lemon zest went well with the extra bitter chocolate gelato too. We’re both fans of dark chocolate.
Flor Gelato - grandma's custard & extra bitter chocolate
grandma’s custard & extra bitter chocolate

Sharon had the grandma’s nina tiramisu (tiramisu di nonna Nina) & gianduja (hazelnut & chocolate). All the flavors we chose were good!!! I don’t think there’s a bad flavor in Flor’s gelato.
Flor Gelato- grandma's nina tiramisu & gianduja
grandma’s nina tiramisu & gianduja

Flor Gelato

Flor Gelato
Via Cavour n° 337 – 00184 Roma
telephone: 06 6796995

Other branches:
Corso Rinascimento n° 34 – 00186 Roma
telephone: 06 68891955

Corso d’Italia n° 104 – 00198 Roma
telephone: 06 44234041

Via Boccea n° 82 – 00167 Roma
telephone: 06 6634906

Flor Gelato’s website

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