Brownies – Ms. Polly’s & Xocolat

Ms. Polly's Cherry Brownies 12 pcs for P240-003I knew Ms. Polly’s was famous for their chocolate cake but I didn’t know they had equally good brownies until my friend Mila sent me a box for Christmas. Thanks again for the yummy gift Mila!!!

Ms. Polly's Cherry Brownies 12 pcs for P240

Ms. Polly's Cherry Brownies 12 pcs for P240-001

I ate a couple of brownies and kept the rest in a zip top bag in the freezer or else I would have finished all in one sitting. The brownies were good straight from the freezer too. I liked the texture of the brownie. The top had a slight crunch and the interior was a perfect combination of cakey and fudgy.
Ms. Polly's Cherry Brownies 12 pcs for P240-002
Ms. Polly’s Cherry Brownies 12 pcs for P240

Whenever I watch movies at Promenade in Greenhills I would pass by Xocolat and walk quickly pass it so I can resist temptation since I love their hot chocolate. When I watched Skyfall I gave in to my desires and bought a peanut butter brownie.
Xocolat's peanut butter brownie P85
Xocolat’s peanut butter brownie P85

From the looks of it I thought I’ve found the holy grail of brownies.
Xocolat's peanut butter brownie P85-001

Alas, I found the brownie too fudgy and at times it tasted like undercooked brownie batter. The peanut butter flavor wasn’t as prominent as I liked either.
Xocolat's peanut butter brownie P85-002

Ms. Polly’s Specialty Cakes and Desserts
4th Floor Robinson’s Galleria, Ortigas
telephone: 703-5058
commissary’s telephone: 824-7612

Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center
Ortigas Ave., Greenhills
San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
telephone: 514-3862

One thought on “Brownies – Ms. Polly’s & Xocolat

  1. I bought a brownie that looked very similar to the one you got at Xocolat from a stall at the NBC Tent holiday bazaar just last month, so perhaps that also came from the same supplier? I had the same reaction as yours to the brownie I got, too. Wasn’t as -chocolatey-peanut buttery as I expected.


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