Lunch at Apartment 1B Rockwell

Apartment 1b (Rockwell) - baby back ribs P630
Last month I had minor eye surgery at Asian Eye Institute and it involved fasting from food and water for many, many hours. As soon as I left AEI I needed comfort that only food can provide so my mom and I went to Apartment 1B for a quick lunch since I was supposed to be at home for some rest.

Apartment 1b (Rockwell)-001

Apartment 1b (Rockwell)-002

Apartment 1b (Rockwell)-003

This was an expensive wall of digital picture “frames”.
Apartment 1b (Rockwell)-004

We had a hard time choosing what to eat since there were many things in the menu that appealed to us. My mom chose the baby back ribs which she enjoyed. The sauce wasn’t too sweet and the meat was very tender and not too fatty.
Apartment 1b (Rockwell) - baby back ribs P630-001
baby back ribs P630

Comfort food to me means sandwiches which I love more than rice meals, well except for paella, risotto and fried rice. I was so happy  to see Reuben sandwich on the menu but I wonder why it was so expensive. It cost even more than the baby back ribs.

The staff was kind enough to substitute french fries with a salad.
Apartment 1b (Rockwell)- Reuben sandwich P680
Reuben sandwich P680

Reuben sandwich is made with fresh corned beef, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut on my favorite rye bread. I liked that the thousand island dressing was on the side instead of in my sandwich. The amount of corned beef wasn’t that much unlike the generous slices served in sandwiches in the US. But it was enough bite and flavor for my sandwich to be a delicious and filling meal. Thanks Apartment 1B for my authentic Reuben sandwich!
Apartment 1b (Rockwell)- Reuben sandwich P680-001

Apartment 1b (Rockwell)- menu
Apartment 1B’s menu

Apartment 1b (Rockwell)- menu-001

Apartment 1B
Ground Level, One Rockwell East Tower
Rockwell Drive, Rockwell Center
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
telephone: (632) 869-3530

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