Dinner at Hanobe Asian Cuisine

fish fillet with taoso P758 (L)
Once a year I meet with my business partners in our company called Swisher. This year we ate at Hanobe Asian Cuisine at Greenhills Town Center.

It was my first time to go to Greenhills Town Center. I was surprised how spacious it was and there were lots of parking spaces. From the outside it looked very cramped.
Hanobe Asian Cuisine

Hanobe Asian Cuisine-001

Hanobe was the biggest restaurant there. There were two function rooms on the ground floor and more space upstairs good for 80 pax.
Hanobe Asian Cuisine-002

Hanobe Asian Cuisine-003

Hanobe Asian Cuisine-004

I haven’t seen a dim sum cart in a long time.
Hanobe Asian Cuisine-005

Most of the food on their menu was available in three sizes. Their fried oyster cake was pretty good. It was crisp and not greasy.
Hanobe fried oyster cake P358 (M)
Hanobe fried oyster cake P358 (M)

I wasn’t sure if anyone in our group ate ox tongue so I ordered the smallest size just to try it. It was just ok nothing special.
ox tongue with mushroom sauce P248
ox tongue with mushroom sauce P248 (S)

Before I ordered the fish fillet with taoso (crunchy soybean) I asked the waitress what kind of fish is used. She said it was lapu lapu. I asked, “Are you sure?” “Yes, ma’am it’s lapu lapu.”

The taoso was crispy, salty and not oily. It was really good on the fish that WAS NOT lapu lapu but DORY. If you don’t mind eating dory then this dish is a MUST order.
fish fillet with taoso P758 (L)-001
fish fillet with taoso P758 (L)

The sotanghon (vermicelli) under the fish was a pleasant and delicious surprise.
fish fillet with taoso P758 (L)-002

I ordered their specialty the Hanobe stuffed chicken. This was the first time I’ve encountered a whole stuffed chicken that was deep fried. The crunchy crust was unusual to say the least.
Hanobe stuffed chicken P680
Hanobe stuffed chicken P680

I felt that the glutinous rice stuffing was a bit dry and bland.
Hanobe stuffed chicken P680-001

My favorite dish was the simple taope or bean curd skin with 3 kinds of mushroom and a savory brown sauce. I could eat one order all by myself.
Hanobe taope with 3 kinds of mushroom P388 (M)
Hanobe taope with 3 kinds of mushroom P388 (M)

broccoli flower with crabmeat P388 (M)
broccoli flower with crabmeat P388 (M)

Overall I was pleased with the food. It wasn’t out of this world crazy good but I had no complaints and that’s a good thing.  The price was very, very reasonable too. I want to try their dim sum next time.
Hanobe Asian Cuisine-006

Time for plugging 😀 Our company Swisher Philippines does restroom hygiene and pest control for hundreds of restaurants in Manila. We also do termite control for homes and condominiums.

Hanobe Asian Cuisine menu

Hanobe Asian Cuisine
Greenhills Town Center
2 Granada St., Quezon City
telephone: 727-4049, 721-1753

Swisher Philippines
105 Sgt. Catolos St. Cubao, Quezon City
telephone: (632) 726-9978

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