Dessert Crepes at La Creperie

Le Pain Perdu (French toast)
We just finished a gut busting lunch at mu noodle bar yet we wanted something sweet to end a wonderful meal. I suggested La Creperie thinking we could share a crepe and have coffee.

I thought four women could share two crepes right? Noooo… someone in our group wanted her own crepe and wasn’t willing to share. Guess what? We finished 4 delicious crepes easily.

How can you go wrong with chocolate crepes filled with mangoes, peaches and slathered with Nutella and topped with toasted sliced almonds and a glob of whipped cream?
Mango Peach Nutella crepe P195
Mango Peach Nutella crepe P195

As good as the chocolate crepe was I loved the simple Salidou crepe filled with salted butter caramel even more. The nuances of the flavors were just sublime.
Salidou gourmet sweet crepe P145
Salidou crepe P145

My all-time favorite crepe was still the Crepe Suzette which was all things orange. It was soaked in orange juice, orange zest and a measure of Grand Marnier and flambéed on the table. It was Deb’s choice too since she insisted on one of her own. I don’t blame her.
Crepe Suzette P155
Crepe Suzette P155

The french toast wasn’t ours so I wasn’t able to try it but I wanted to. Instead I just took a picture of it. So pretty right?
Le Pain Perdu (French toast)-001
Le Pain Perdu (French toast)

They also have delicious savoury crepes.

La Crêperie
403 F. Calderon St., Bgy. Little Baguio, San Juan, Metro Manila

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