Joe Nachos at SM Megamall

joenachos special P90-1
Sometime I fear going to SM Megamall because I always discover something new to eat. Sometimes I can resist it but this time I didn’t even think twice. Nachos are one of my favorite foods. It’s definitely my favorite Mexican food.

I don’t even remember why I went to SM Megamall but as soon as I saw the new food cart of Joe Nachos I immediately stopped to try it.
Joe Nachos

Joe Nachos menu
Joe Nachos menu

Joe Nachos 2

I wasn’t even hungry but I had to try the Joe Nachos special which had everything on it. First layer was the hot melted cheddar cheese, then the salsa, jalapeño, ground beef, and finally sour cream. All that for only P90!
Joe Nachos special P90

It looked really good. I took a bite and was thrilled with all the delicious flavors blending together on crunchy corn chips. Even though I had to stand beside the cart to eat it I didn’t mind.
Joe Nachos special P90 - 1
Joe Nachos special P90

The only thing I didn’t like about my nachos was that it was too WET! I had to eat pretty fast because I could taste my corn chips getting soggy.
Joe Nachos special P90 - 2

I think the culprit was the salsa which wasn’t well drained. Look at all that liquid left at the bottom. It was a diluted mess. Next time I will just order the regular nachos with extra beef. I hope the owners can improve on this because they really have a good product.
Joe Nachos special P90 - 3

Joe Nachos
UG Level, Bldg. A of SM Megamall, Mandaluyong, Philippines
telephone: 211 2778

2 thoughts on “Joe Nachos at SM Megamall

  1. Hi Ms. Leslie! Nacho lover here! I like the packaging for their takeaways which cost arnd 50 pesos – they have containers that separate the cheese from the nachos – innovative! Great for commuters! Try also the side order nachos from pollo loco – it’s baked and really good for 40 pesos! – Millsie (Millsie Scribbles)


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