Cuero Leatherware Philippines

CUERO Leatherware Philippines

Take a break from all my food posts and check out these beautiful and affordable leather bags. No, I’m not turning into a fashion blogger. I just want to introduce the new business of my friend Mary Ann and her niece Kriselle. 

Cuero Leatherware Philippines imported these bags and held their soft launch last Saturday to friends and family. Currently they don’t have a store but they will be joining a bazaar soon. If you’d like to purchase any of these bags contact them using the information at the end of this post. 

CUERO Leatherware Philippines- 001

CUERO Leatherware Philippines-002


I liked the bags for their simple lines, nice colors and very soft leather. 

CUERO Leatherware Philippines-003

CUERO Leatherware Philippines-004

CUERO Leatherware Philippines-005

CUERO Leatherware Philippines-006

CUERO Leatherware Philippines-007

CUERO Leatherware Philippines-008

 You can see more detailed pictures here

CUERO Leatherware Philippines-009

 Aida, on the left, is modeling the France bag in teal while Pat has the Fancy in orange. 

CUERO Leatherware Philippines-010

 These are the bags we bought. 

CUERO Leatherware Philippines-011

 I was surprised to find snacks for the shoppers. What caught my eye were these cute mini cupcakes made by home baker Joanne. 

Joanne's Kitchen mini cupcakes - chocolate dulce de leche and red velvet-001

 Joanne's Kitchen mini cupcakes - chocolate dulce de leche and red velvet

 I’m not a big fan of cupcakes but these were amazingly moist. I just found the dulce de leche topping on the chocolate cupcake a bit too sweet. I was shocked to enjoy the red velvet more since it’s a flavor that I’m not too fond of. Joanne’s version was better than other red velvet cakes I’ve tried. The cream cheese icing was a delicious contrast to the red cupcake with a hint of chocolate. I’ll put Joanne’s contact below in case you want to order her goodies. 

Joanne's Kitchen mini cupcakes - chocolate dulce de leche and red velvet-002

Cuero Leatherware Philippines
cellphone: 0917-8324485 & 0917-5280268

Joanne’s Kitchen
cellphone: 0917-7945104, 0922-2398800
telephone: 721-8915, 986-8098
New Manila, QC

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