Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Ya Kun Kaya Toast-001

 One of my most pleasurable meals in Singapore was at the original branch of Ya Kun Kaya Toast. They have branches in several malls but I suggest going to this branch where waiters yell the customers’ orders and things get done fast amidst the seeming chaos. 

Ya Kun Kaya Toast-002

Ya Kun Kaya Toast-003

 I love these retro posters. I asked the owner if they had any for sale, regrettably the answer was no.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast-004

 Ya Kun Kaya Toast is the typical kopi tiam in Singapore. This is the local version of Starbucks and the like. Check out the prices which are just a fraction of the foreign chains. The products and experience are different but I like this a lot too. 

Ya Kun Kaya Toast- menu

 The kitchen was open and you can see how fast they work. As soon as a waiter yells an order the kitchen staff quickly prepares the drinks and food. 

Ya Kun Kaya Toast-006

 Look at all the perfectly cooked soft-boiled eggs. waiting to be cracked and served. 

Ya Kun Kaya Toast-007

 This is Mr. Loi the youngest son of the owner who took over operations after his dad died. He’s an engineer but he gave up his job to run the business and under his leadership the single branch has expanded to more than 30 stores in Singapore and over 20 overseas including 4 branches in the Philippines. 

chairman of Ya Kun Kaya Toast Mr. Adrin Loi Boon Sim
Mr. Adrin Loi Boon Sim


Mr. Loi brought us to the back area to see how the kaya toast was made Instead of using toasters they grilled the bread for speed and even toasting.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast- grilling bread

 The secret to their kaya toast are the thin slices of white bread (with caramel coloring) spread with kaya on both sides with a thin layer of butter in the middle. Kaya is a local spread made with coconut milk, eggs, sugar and pandan extract.  Ya Kun’s kaya does not contain preservatives, artificial colouring and artificial flavouring.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast- making kaya toast

 When all these kaya toasts arrived for our table of 3 I wanted to give some back since I was so sure we couldn’t finish it. To my delight it was the best kaya toast I’ve ever eaten. I can distinctly taste the coconut and pandan flavors and the spread had just the right amount of sweetness.  There was also just enough butter to complement the kaya and toast. I shyly asked the waiter for another plate. 

kaya toast with butter
kaya toast with butter


I also had a glass of iced coffee (also called kopi in other stores). Coffee by default contains strong brewed robusta coffee mixed with condensed milk. It’s just how I like my coffee, strong and sweet. The other options are Coffee-C with unsweetened evaporated milk and sugar or Coffee-O with no milk only sugar.

Kaya toast with a soft-boiled egg is a typical Singaporean breakfast. 

iced coffee, kaya toast & soft boiled egg
iced coffee, kaya toast & soft-boiled egg


The soft-boiled egg had a large yolk and barely any egg white. Soy sauce and white pepper was added to the egg. To eat it you have the option of dipping your kaya toast in the egg or do what the Singaporeans do and slurp the egg mixture straight to your mouth.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast- iced coffee, kaya toast & soft boiled egg-001

 Alya showed us how to do it with matching raised pinky finger.  

Ya Kun Kaya Toast- Alya demonstrating how to eat a soft boiled egg

 Mr. Loi gave us all really cute souvenirs and samples of the kaya spread to take home. I can’t wait to visit the Manila branch to relive this yummy meal. 

Ya Kun Kaya Toast- kaya jam. toast memo pad & magnets

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
18 China Street #01-01 Singapore 049560
telephone: 6438 3638

Ya Kun Kaya Toast in the Philippines
Ninoy Aquion International Airport
Terminal 2, Domestic Terminal, Pasay City
telephone: 632-4014037

Robinson Place Manila
Level 1, Unit No. 16 (Adriatico Wing), Manila City, Philippines
telephone: 632 -5794194

Mall Of Asia (MOA) Store
North Parking Building, Pasay City
telephone: 632-8460836

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