Melbourne Central: Plantation Specialty Coffee & Cupcake Central

Melbourne Central shopping centre

 You could sum up the reasons I like Melbourne Central mall with these three places – Little Library, Plantation Coffee & Cupcake Central. Of course there’s also the nice mix of retail therapy, wood flooring and funky atmosphere. 

 As soon as I entered the mall I saw the Little Library. It was a small, unmanned space with just a large bookshelf filled with books.  

Melbourne Central's Little Library

Melbourne Central's Little Library-001

I would have just walked past by until I read the sign. This library was free for anyone who wanted to borrow a book. Honesty system was the only librarian here. Can you imagine this in a mall in Manila? What do you think will happen? 

Melbourne Central's Little Library-002

We went straight to the 2nd level for coffee and dessert just to complete our lunch which we had at Hanaichi. Deb knew it was my goal to try as many coffee places in Melbourne as possible so she brought me to one of her favorites, Plantation Specialty Coffee

Plantation Specialty Coffee

Plantation Specialty Coffee -001

Plantation Specialty Coffee -002

As soon as I saw all the different coffee equipment I knew it was going to be something special. They had Hario drip and syphon brewers as well as the usual espresso machine. 

Plantation Specialty Coffee -003

 Plantation was the first place I’ve seen that has Hario’s ice drip coffee maker.

Plantation Specialty Coffee -Hario's ice drip coffee maker

 It takes precision and patience to make drip coffee. 

Plantation Specialty Coffee -005

Here’s my iced drip coffee, a welcome relief from the heat outside. 

panela cane sugar
panela cane sugar


As much as I enjoyed my iced coffee I adored the flat white that my friend Pat gave me to finish. The milk they used was the richest and creamiest I’ve ever tasted. It was like a shot of espresso swimming in a cup of heavy cream. When I go back to Melbourne this will be in the top 3 of my must-drink-again coffee list. 

Plantation Specialty Coffee -008

Plantation Specialty Coffee -009

They also sold several Hario coffee-brewing equipment

Plantation Coffee's retail area

Melbourne Central

Cupcake Central

While we were busy buying coffee at Plantation my friend Deb was right across buying cupcakes at Cupcake Central

Cupcake Central-001

Cupcake Central- peanut butter & jelly gluten free cupcake A$4
peanut butter & jelly vegan gluten free cupcake A$4
Cupcake Central- sangria & German chocolate cupcakes
sangria & German chocolate cupcakes
Cupcake Central- strawberry & cream and berry yogurt cupcakes
strawberry & cream and berry yogurt cupcakes
Cupcake Central- sour lemon cupcakes
sour lemon cupcakes
Cupcake Central-006
pb&j, German chocolate, salted caramel & sour lemon cupcakes


I’ve always said I’m not much of a cupcake fan but I simply loved the sour lemon cupcake. The lemon cake base topped with lemon curd frosting was sweet and tangy and reminded me of a tall glass of lemonade. 

The pb&j was the first vegan gluten free cupcake I’ve ever tried and it tasted just like the regular cupcake. Those two were the flavors I liked best. 

Cupcake Central-007


There were several interesting dining options in Melbourne Central that I would like to try next time. The ones that caught my eyes were bing boy, Burger Edge and Dumpling King. 

Plantation Specialty Coffee
Shop 253, level 2, Melbourne Central
300 La Trobe Street, Melbourne
telephone: 03 9686 2990
Hours: Mon to Wed 8am-6pm | Thu 8am-8pm | Fri 8am-9pm | Sat & Sun 10am-6pm

Cupcake Central
Level 2, Dining Hall, Melbourne Central
300 La Trobe Street, Melbourne
telephone: 03 9077 4542
Hours: Mon to Thurs 10am–7pm | Fri 10am–9pm | Sat & Sun 10am – 6pm

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