Balesin Island Club – Bali Village

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-001

This is my last post in the series about Balesin Island Club. Bali Village is actually the 6th of 7 villages in the exclusive members only resort in Quezon province in the Philippines. Toscana Village is still being built. 

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-002

This is the clubhouse/restaurant of Bali Village. 

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-003

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-004

This is the only village with two swimming pools, one on each side of the clubhouse. 

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-006

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-007

The villas were set away from the beach. 

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-005

These villas are also very popular because of the big wrap around porch. 

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-008

The room’s layout was the same as Balesin and Phuket villages. 

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-009

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-010

The bathroom also has an additional outdoor shower.

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-011

When we weren’t at the beach or the pool our favorite place to lounge around was at Nusa Dua, the big open air bar. 

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-012

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-013

The bar was surrounded with comfy couches perfect for lazing around and reading a book while enjoying the view and sound of the water on all three sides. It was quite breezy here that’s why we loved hanging out at Nusa Dua. 

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-014

We noshed on delicious kropek (prawn crackers) and a bit too spicy crunchy dilis (anchovies).

kropek with spicy dilis and peanuts
kropek with spicy dilis and peanuts P150


A gorgeous view, soothing sounds of waves, an ice cold cocktail and cool breeze is my idea of relaxation.  

kropek with spicy dilis and peanuts and amaretto sour
kropek and amaretto sour


We had a late light lunch at their restaurant. Too bad they won’t serve food at Nusa Dua other than snacks and drinks.

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-menu

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-menu 1 

It was my first time for me to try nasi goreng and I loved it! The rice was so well flavored that I didn’t even need to pair it with the chicken or beef sate. It was just a tad too spicy for me. 

nasi goreng P280
nasi goreng P280


I didn’t care for the laksa since I found the taste lacking in oomph.

laksa P240
laksa P240


Bali Village has two water villas and it’s the hottest place to stay in Balesin Island Club. These two villas are always the first to be booked. Each villa can sleep 4-5 comfortably and costs P10,000. 

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-021

On our last morning we went back to Nusa Dua and saw the effects of low tide. 

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-022

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-023

We saw the staff cleaning one of the water villas and requested to take a tour. I was so happy they agreed. 

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-024

The first thing that caught my attention was the vaulted ceiling. 

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-025

The room was basically the same but had 2 sofa which converted into single beds. I tried lying down on it and it was quite comfy. 

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-026

What made this villa different was a wrap around porch with numerous seating for you to enjoy the view. 

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-027

I gave the couch a try and I believe I could easily fall asleep here specially with the sounds of the water lulling me to sleep. 

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-031

Need more beds? Sleep outside on the day bed with mosquito net. 

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-028

The bathroom was the same too except for the door which led to the outdoor shower. 

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-029

The outdoor shower was huge! It occupied almost a quarter of the back area. It was easily three times bigger than the ones in the regular villas. 

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-030

 Balesin island map

I’m Leslie your tour guide. Hope you enjoyed seeing Balesin Island Club through my eyes. Thank you to Jeffrey and Vivian for inviting me to Balesin. I really enjoyed my 2 nights and 3 day vacation in what truly is paradise in the Philippines. 

Balesin Island Club - Bali Village-032

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Balesin Island Club
4330 Polillo, Quezon
telephone: (02) 846 6205
online brochure

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