Gavino’s Japanese Donuts

The only time I eat donuts are when they land in my lap like gifts from goodies heaven. One morning I woke up and there was a box of donuts waiting for me. What else can I do but try them? Life is sweet. 

Gavino’s Japanese Donuts is owned by couple Andrew and Michelle Que. I know Andrew’s family and they used to be in the donut business. This isn’t Andrew’s first donut business but it’s definitely his best.

These are not your usual cake or yeast donuts. Instead these are mochi donuts which means they are chewy and I love chewy mochi. When I opened the box I zoomed in on the most chocolatey of them all.  

Gavino's Japanese Donuts-001

Good grief there was so much chocolate in this little ball of mochi donut I actually moaned in happiness. Even my dog Chino knew I was holding something good which he will never get to try since chocolate is toxic for dogs. I was surprised at the good quality of chocolate used. Trust me if inferior chocolate was used I would be ranting about it. It tasted even better than than Little Mermaid’s chocolate sticky donut

choco lava mochi ball
choco lava mochi ball


My next favorite was the peanut butter and jelly mochi ball and the chocolate almond donut. The cheese ensaymada was a hoot to eat too! It’s best to eat these donuts in the same day although I kept most of it in the refrigerator they still tasted ok after reheating in the toaster. 

Gavino's Japanese Donuts-002

When I was in SM Megamall I checked out their other flavors. 

Gavino's Japanese Donuts-004

Gavino's Japanese Donuts-005

Gavino's Japanese Donuts-006

Gavino's Japanese Donuts-007

Green tea cheesecake you’re on my list. 

Gavino's Japanese Donuts-008

Gavino's Japanese Donuts-009

Gavino's Japanese Donuts-010

Gavino's Japanese Donuts-011

Gavino's Japanese Donuts-012

Gavino's Japanese Donuts-014

Gavino's Japanese Donuts-013

Naturally I bought a peanut butter ball. What I like about their peanut butter donut is the real peanut butter in the filling. It’s not some peanut butter diluted with extenders but thick imported peanut butter. 

peanut butter ball
peanut butter ball


Do try Gavino’s Japanese donuts and let me know if you like chewy mochi donuts or you’ll stick to the regular yeast donut? 

Gavino’s Japanese Donuts
Unit 5 Greenhills Town Center, 2 Granada Street, 1112 Quezon City, Philippines
telephone: 477-9275

Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato
Robinson’s Place Manila (Level 4)
SM Megamall (Basement Building B)
Robinson’s Galleria (Basement)
Landmark Trinoma
SM Fairview
Rustan’s Fresh Katipunan
808 Banawe St. QC

4 thoughts on “Gavino’s Japanese Donuts

  1. I like this better than JCO and Krsipy Kreme. First time I saw this in Trinoma and now I’m starting to get addicted to it. Pefect texture, chewiness and taste. it’s less sweet and less oily compared to other donuts. Love their sour cream, choco almond, hazelnut and greentea cheesecake. i haven’t tried their mochi balls but this review makes me want to grab another box later 😀 maybe combination of donuts and mochi. ughh can’t wait..:S


  2. I’ve eaten Krispy Kreme, w/c is too sweet, nakakasawa; and J.Co i tried 2 days ago and loved it. di nakakasawa. have’nt tried Gavino yet, but i found several recipes on the web. i’am a weekend baker, and will try making mochi balls.


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