Melbourne: Lamb Souvlaki

When I learned I was going to Melbourne I planned on eating a lot of lamb in restaurants serving authentic Aussie fare. It didn’t happen. Instead I got to eat lamb souvlaki twice and I was more than satisfied. 

 My friend Deb has tried the lamb souvlaki from both Stalactites and Lambs. She has a favorite and she wanted to find out which one we liked better.

We went to Stalactites for a late afternoon snack. 

Stalactites Melbourne

You can probably guess from the faux ceiling where the restaurant got its name. 

Stalactites Melbourne 2

Stalactites Melbourne menu

Stalactites Melbourne menu 1

Stalactites Melbourne - homemade spanakopita A$9.50
homemade spanakopita A$9.50
Stalactites Melbourne - octopus A$13.50
octopus A$13.50


Simply stated a souvlaki is a Greek pita sandwich filled with small pieces of  meat and some vegetables. We ordered 3 huge lamb souvlakis to share. It was a good thing we had the souvlakis cut in half since it was so big. I don’t think I can ever finish one whole by myself. Well, maybe if I didn’t eat the whole day I can. 

Stalactites Melbourne souvlaki


Nothing prepared me for the burst of flavor from the tender, juicy lamb. The lamb was outstanding both in aroma and texture. The meat was perfectly done and the spices were complex that it didn’t need anything else. No wonder the restaurant was full at 3:30 in the afternoon. Stalactites is open 24/7. I can imagine this place being popular for the after drinks crowd. 

Stalactites Melbourne - lamb souvlaki A$12.50
lamb souvlaki A$12.50


You can’t imagine the wonderful aroma that wafted through the air as I neared the meats slow roasting on the spit. 

Stalactites Melbourne - grilled lamb on a spit

I bow to your skill chef!!!

Stalactites Melbourne owner


As much as I loved the lamb souvlaki at Stalactites, Deb told me her favorite was the one at Lambs. I was doubly excited to try Lambs after her declaration. 

Lambs Restaurant, Melbourne-001

Lambs Restaurant, Melbourne-002


Lambs Restaurant, Melbourne-008

Lambs Restaurant, Melbourne-009

There wasn’t as much meat roasting on their spits. Lambs Restaurant, Melbourne-003

They had an assortment of prepared salads and appetizers. 

Lambs Restaurant, Melbourne-004

The desserts looked inviting. 

Lambs Restaurant, Melbourne-005

They prepared the lamb souvlaki as soon as we ordered and paid at the counter. I was thrilled to see so much meat on each pita. No scrimping here. 

Lambs Restaurant, Melbourne - lamb souvlaki-001

Looks good right?

Lambs Restaurant, Melbourne - lamb souvlaki-002
lamb souvlaki A$11


Unfortunately it was bland and a bit dry. We had to ask for some sauce. 

Lambs Restaurant, Melbourne - lamb souvlaki-003

They gave us a plate of tzatziki (yogurt with cucumber and spices) and I spooned it on my souvlaki. 

Lambs Restaurant, Melbourne-011

It tasted better with the tzatziki but it still didn’t taste as good as the one of Stalactites. 

Lambs Restaurant, Melbourne - lamb souvlaki-004

Deb has her reasons for liking Lambs better but I personally would go back to Stalactites over and over again. I also want to try their chicken souvlaki the next time I go back to Melbourne. To those who are planning a trip to Melbourne please include a meal at Stalactites. You can thank me later. 

Stalactites Restaurant

177 – 183 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000
telephone: (03) 9663 3316

Lambs Restaurant
100 Lygon St. Carlton, VIC 3053
telephone: (03) 9663 5636

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