Mr. Moo’s Fresh Milk & Kesong Puti – SM Megamall

When I first went to Mr. Moo’s in Tagaytay I didn’t buy anything unlike my friends who bought several liters of milk each. You see I don’t drink milk. I don’t hate it I just don’t love it.

Except for the occasional bowl of cereal I have really no reason to buy milk. For coffee I use just a little liquid or powdered creamer. I don’t do lattes or cappuccinos. The only time I drink lattes are when I’m in Australia or New Zealand because their milk is excellent and their espressos strong enough to shine even with the addition of milk. 

It wasn’t until I tried Mr. Moo’s carabao milk with my espresso at a friend’s house that I reevaluated local milk. I was floored since it almost tasted as good as the ones I had in Melbourne. I immediately Googled the locations of Mr. Moo’s and was ecstatic to find out they opened a kiosk at SM Megamall. No need to go to Tagaytay for fresh milk or kesong puti (white cheese). 

Mr. Moo SM Megamall

They provide ice for the milk and cheese if you have to travel far. 

Mr. Moo SM Megamall menu

When I tasted the carabao milk it didn’t taste particularly rich or yummy. I don’t think I can drink it straight since it tasted like skim milk. 

Mr. Moo SM Megamall- carabao milk. Moo SM Megamall-002

Maybe it’s some chemical reaction but when I mix the carabao milk with a couple of shots of Nespresso I get a cup of latte any barista would be proud of.  It foams up really well too. Now I keep a liter of Mr. Moo carabao milk in the refrigerator for the occasional latte. 

Nespresso double shot latte made with Mr. Moo carabao milk

Mr. Moo’s Fresh Milk & Kesong Puti 
Ground Floor, Bldg. A SM Megamall
Shop Hours: 10:00am – 9:00pm

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