Wildflour Cafe + Bakery and Craft Coffee Revolution at The Podium Mall

I went to The Podium mall just to buy bread at Wildflour and to have coffee at Craft. Imagine my surprise at all the new goodies I saw at Wildflour.

I went to the mall at around 10:30 before the actual opening of the mall. There were no lines at Wildflour when I got there. The reason for the line is you have to order and pay at the cashier whether you will take out or dine in. I can’t imagine how long that will take if the people in front of you don’t know what they want to buy or order. 

Wildflour Cafe Podium -001

I went there just to buy favorite cranberry walnut bread. This fabulous bread is perfect toasted with sweet or savory fillings. 

Wildflour Cafe Podium - 02 cranberry walnut bread P155
cranberry walnut bread P155


When I saw all these goodies on the counter I felt like I was in another country. Take a look and drool. Guess what I bought?

Wildflour Cafe Podium - 03 chewies P85 choco chip P65
chewies P85 choco chip P65
Wildflour Cafe Podium - 04 nutter butter cookie P125
nutter butter cookie P125


Crookies are another fad in the US that didn’t take off in Manila like the way cronuts did. There were no cronuts on display but they were going to appear at 11:00 am.

Wildflour Cafe Podium - 06 crookies (Oreos stuffed croissant) P120
crookies (Oreos stuffed croissant) P120
Wildflour Cafe Podium - 05 brownie turtle P110
brownie turtle P110
Wildflour Cafe Podium - 07 banana Nutella danish P120
banana Nutella danish P120


I was surprised to see French classics like my favorite kougin amann, cannele and eclairs.

Wildflour Cafe Podium -010 kouign aman P110
kouign aman P110
Wildflour Cafe Podium -012 cannele P75
cannele P75
Wildflour Cafe Podium -011 eclairs P110
eclairs P110


The créme brûlée in the middle of the pastry was still wobbly. 

Wildflour Cafe Podium - 08 créme brûlée
creme brulee
Wildflour Cafe Podium - 09 chocolate souffle P100
chocolate souffle P100


I want to try this without ice cream.

Wildflour Cafe Podium -013 apple pie with ice cream P180
apple pie with ice cream P180


Ooooh sinful!!

Wildflour Cafe Podium -014 croissant bread pudding P140
croissant bread pudding P140
Wildflour Cafe Podium -015 Valrhona salted chocolate cake P185
Valrhona salted chocolate cake P185


Since Craft wasn’t open yet I decided to have brunch. I was deciding between short rib sandwich or the ham & brie sandwich but I wasn’t that hungry. I chose a new appetizer that blew my mind. Smokey chorizo with pieces of sweet dates wrapped in bacon sitting in spicy tomato sauce was just perfect. The crunchy baguette was just right for dipping in the sauce and was the perfect foil to the sweet, salty and smokey flavors. Try this before it disappears in their ever changing menu.

Wildflour Cafe Podium -016 bacon wrapped chorizo, dates in spicy tomato sauce P275
bacon wrapped chorizo, dates in spicy tomato sauce P275


If you guessed the cookie monster bought cookies then you’re right!! I was able to ignore all the tempting sweets but never cookies and ones as large as these. The chocolate cookie was indeed chewy and had chunks of chocolate but something was missing. It’s not the best but it will definitely do whenever I have a cookie craving. The cookies were nicely packed in a box.

Wildflour Cafe Podium -017 chewies & nutter butter
chewies & nutter butter


The Nutter Butter deserved it’s own photo shoot since I’ve never seen a cookie like it in Manila. I liked that they used rolled oats in the oatmeal cookie which was very fragile and crumbly. You can’t bite into the cookie without it breaking into pieces. It definitely wasn’t chewy or crispy. It’s similar to a butter cookie in texture. Kudos to the thick chunky peanut butter filling which will bring joy to any PB lover. Wildflour’s peanut butter pie is also one of my favorites.  

Wildflour Cafe Podium -018 nutter butter cookie
nutter butter cookie


I always planned on going to Craft’s first branch in New Manila but never found the opportunity. That’s why I was happy when they opened their second branch at the 2nd Floor of The Podium Mall. 

Craft Coffee Revolution

More and more pour over coffee in Manila. Yehey!!! 

Craft Coffee Revolution-002

No frozen flavored drinks here! Just espresso based drinks and single origin coffee. 

Craft Coffee Revolution Podium menu 

The beauty with pour over coffee is you can get to try different kinds of single origin coffee from around the world. You don’t have to order whatever the chain coffee store has on brew. You get to choose! 

Craft Coffee Revolution Podium menu-001

Craft Coffee Revolution-001

Just like the menu said my coffee was nutty, sweet, had low acidity and a subtle chocolate finish. Good coffee is good for the soul. 

Craft Coffee Revolution-005 Brazil yellow bourbon pour over coffee P160
Brazil yellow bourbon pour over coffee P160

Wildflour Cafe + Bakery
G/F The Podium, ADB Ave
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
telephone: (02) 571-8588

Craft Coffee Revolution
2nd Floor The Podium

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