Food Finds at Connie’s Kitchen Deli

I had a craving for Bucky’s and when I Googled it I was surprised that Connie’s Kitchen Deli carried it. I’ve passed by this store along 4th street  in New Manila countless of times but I never thought to stop because I thought the store only sold Connie’s Kitchen products which are also available in the supermarket. Imagine my delight when I stepped in.

Connie's Kitchen Deli

Connie's Kitchen Deli -001

There were only a couple of single portion Bucky’s on hand but they also had boxed slabs available. The portion size was also smaller than the one I first bought and that’s fine with me.

Connie's Kitchen Deli - Bucky's original P45
Bucky’s original P45
Connie's Kitchen Deli - Bucky's chunky blonde P50
Bucky’s chunky blonde P50
Connie's Kitchen Deli - pimenton dulce
pimenton dulce


They stock my favorite Allies Wonder Peanuts too.

Connie's Kitchen Deli - meringue, Allies wonder peanuts
meringue, Allies wonder peanuts
Connie's Kitchen Deli - Theo Pilo chocolates
Theo & Pilo chocolates


I tried a bag of these banana chips and they were really thin, crisp and just had the right amount of sweetness. 

Connie's Kitchen Deli - Villa Socorro Farm Sabanana Chips P40
Villa Socorro Farm Sabanana Chips P40


Naturally they had a display of all their in-house brand products too. There was a small dining area where you can have a light meal or snacks. You can see pictures of the food here

Connie's Kitchen Deli -008

Connie's Kitchen Deli -009

This store is really a neighborhood deli complete with a wide assortment of sausages, chorizo and some cheese. 

Connie's Kitchen Deli -010

Connie's Kitchen Deli - Connie's Kitchen cheese, chorizo, jamon serrano
Connie’s Kitchen cheese, chorizo, jamon serrano


They carried mostly Spanish pantry items sourced from Terry’s Selection

Connie's Kitchen Deli -012

I use this brand of squid ink to make paella negra or squid ink risotto

Connie's Kitchen Deli - Tinta de Calamar squid ink
Tinta de Calamar squid ink
Connie's Kitchen Deli - Ministry of Mushroom's dried oyster mushroom
Ministry of Mushroom’s dried oyster mushroom


Note to self: remove finger in front of iPhone’s lens.

Connie's Kitchen Deli - Reine Dijon mustard, Joji's Delights natural peanut butter
Reine Dijon mustard, Joji’s Delights natural peanut butter
Connie's Kitchen Deli - angulas, olives, anchovies, Robo tuna in olive oil
angulas, olives, anchovies, Robo tuna in olive oil
Connie's Kitchen Deli - vinegars
Connie's Kitchen Deli - Ybarra evoo, Molinera white truffle oil P580, virgin coconut oil
Ybarra evoo, Molinera white truffle oil P580, virgin coconut oil
Connie's Kitchen Deli - Ferrer broth
Ferrer broth
Connie's Kitchen Deli - Arizon iced tea
Arizon iced tea


I also bought a pack of chrorizo Pamplona.

Connie's Kitchen Deli - Merano Supremo Delicatezza

Connie's Kitchen Deli - chorizo prices

Connie's Kitchen Deli - organic rice
organic rice
Connie's Kitchen Deli - coffee beans, coconut sugar, paella mix
coffee beans, coconut sugar, paella kits
Connie's Kitchen Deli - Elsie's bread
Elsie’s bread
Connie's Kitchen Deli - Baronia pasta
Baronia pasta
Connie's Kitchen Deli - paellera
Connie's Kitchen Deli - oatmeal cookies with Belgian chocolate
oatmeal cookies with Belgian chocolate


These were the goodies I bought asides from the Bucky’s and banana chips.

Connie's Kitchen Deli - Magdelena's cacao bean chocolates P100
Magdelena’s cacao bean chocolates P100

Magdalena's chocolates with dried mangoes

These nuggets of 70% dark chocolate with bits of dried mango weren’t bad at all.
Magdalena's chocolates with dried mangoes-001_Fotor

My best purchase were these frozen bocaditos (snacks or appetizers) from Baked by Anita

Connie's Kitchen Deli - Baked by Anita frozen bocaditos
Baked by Anita frozen bocaditos P240 per pack of 4 pieces


These snacks are perfect to keep in your freezer.  I just popped them in the oven frozen and baked it for 20 minutes at 350F or 170C and out came one of the best mini pies I’ve ever eaten. I bought the Wild Mushrooms & Gruyere with Truffle Oil and Spanish Chorizo & Mozzarella and both were delicious but the mushroom was deadly good. When you cut into the uber flaky crust the wonderful aroma of mushroom & truffle oil permeates the air. After sniffing take a bite and I guarantee you will groan. The combination of mushroom and Gruyere cheese was earthy, salty and a lot of umami flavor. 

With other pies, sweet or savory, I usually give the excess crust to my doggies who eagerly await crumbs that may fall. With these they didn’t get a single speck. The crust was buttery, flaky and simply perfect. The crust was even good eaten without any filling. 

These bocaditos are pretty small so I usually eat two at a time either as a snack or even a light lunch. 

Baked by Anita bocaditos

I’ve gone back to Connie’s Kitchen Deli with Rochelle who passes by the store every single day without stopping even once. I showed her all my favorite goodies so she can try them too. I bought the spicy italian sausage and spinach, goat cheese bocaditos and they were best eaten together for a balance of meat and veggies. So far my favorite is still the wild mushroom filling but I’m happy to eat any flavor available. 

Residents of New Manila I envy you for this little store with lots of goodies. I hope you know and appreciate this gem in your backyard. 

Connie’s Kitchen Deli
4th Street Corner Broadway Avenue Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines
telephone: 02-7279837

Baked By Anita
340A Smuth Drive, San Juan city 1500
telephone: 0917-5259740 or 0939-9209838 or 02-7362877

Baked By Anita Bocaditos Fillings:
Wild Mushrooms & Gruyere w/Truffle Oil
Spicy Italian Sausage & Roasted Red bell pepper
Chicken & Mushroom w/ Marsala Cream
Spinach, Goat Cheese & Pine Nuts
Chili-Lime Tuna with Black Olives
Spanish Chorizo & mozzarella

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