Food Finds at Connie’s Kitchen Deli

I had a craving for Bucky’s and when I Googled it I was surprised that Connie’s Kitchen Deli carried it. I’ve passed by this store along 4th street  in New Manila countless of times but I never thought to stop because I thought the store only sold Connie’s Kitchen products which are also available inContinue reading “Food Finds at Connie’s Kitchen Deli”

L.E.S Bagels, New York Deli + Bakery

Whenever see I pictures of food I would like to try on Instagram, Facebook or on other blogs I write down the name of the restaurant on my iPhone’s notes app filed under ‘restaurants to try.” Sometimes I get to try the place within a month sometimes longer. When I saw 1 picture of L.E.S.Continue reading “L.E.S Bagels, New York Deli + Bakery”

Lunch at Booeymonger

My cousins brought me to Friendship Heights in DC for some shopping. It was my first time to go there and I really liked the area. Too bad we couldn’t stay longer. We did have time for a quick lunch at Booeymonger. Booeymonger is a deli/sandwich shop that is also in Ray Foley’s book “1,001Continue reading “Lunch at Booeymonger”

Lunch at Chutzpah Deli

Before going on a trip I usually do some research on places to eat and shop. I found a list from Ray Foley’s book “1,001 Sandwiches You Must Eat Before You Die” which listed the places in Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland. One of the restaurants on the list, Chutzpah Deli, happened to beContinue reading “Lunch at Chutzpah Deli”

Earle’s Delicatessen

Earle’s Delicatessen is located in the same building as my gym. I’ve always wanted to take pics but I always forget to put my camera in my gym bag. Today I finally remembered. Earle’s is at the back entrance of Wynsum Building. I’ve never eaten at Earle’s. I usually buy their deli meats and sausagesContinue reading “Earle’s Delicatessen”