Food Finds at Connie’s Kitchen Deli

I had a craving for Bucky’s and when I Googled it I was surprised that Connie’s Kitchen Deli carried it. I’ve passed by this store along 4th street  in New Manila countless of times but I never thought to stop because I thought the store only sold Connie’s Kitchen products which are also available inContinue reading “Food Finds at Connie’s Kitchen Deli”

Vero Chocolates’ Brownie Love

Something good happened in Hong Kong last December. Vero Chocolates opened a pop-up store in K11 mall which was a very short walk from where I stayed. I’ve never heard of Vero Chocolates before but by the end of my trip all the staff in the store knew me by sight. Vero is an artisanContinue reading “Vero Chocolates’ Brownie Love”

Florence: Outlet Shopping at The Mall & Space Prada

For me a good vacation is a fine balance between culture, good food and shopping. If one is missing it doesn’t feel right. The only exception is a beach vacation where I don’t expect any shopping. Luckily my two travel mates are also avid shoppers so dedicating a full day to outlet shopping in FlorenceContinue reading “Florence: Outlet Shopping at The Mall & Space Prada”

Barcelona: La Boqueria Market

I’ve read from several sources that the best food can be found in La Boqueria Market in Barcelona. Aside from selling all sorts of produce, fish, cured meats and candies there were also several tapas bars in the market. We went to La Boqueria right after eating churros and espadrilles shopping. Even if I wasContinue reading “Barcelona: La Boqueria Market”

San Sebastian: Supermarket Finds

Whenever I go to a different country I make it a point to visit their supermarket. I like to see the products they sell, even the layout of the store and how it differs to what we’re used to fascinates me. Just a couple of blocks from Hotel de Londres was this really nice shopping areaContinue reading “San Sebastian: Supermarket Finds”

Sticky & Chocolat-ier at K11 Mall

What I like about K11 mall is it’s constantly adding new restaurants and stores to attract more shoppers. It’s working with me since there was a time I don’t even bother going to K11 anymore. Here’s a couple of interesting stores I discovered during my last trip to Hong Kong. Sticky has it’s roots inContinue reading “Sticky & Chocolat-ier at K11 Mall”

Dessert at Maitre Chocolatier Boutique Cafe

After our dinner at Mangetsu we went to the nearby Maitre Chocolatier Boutique Cafe for dessert. It was my first time to try out this place. That’s unusual for a chocoholic like me. Wow chocolate alcoholic drinks! Jin told me that the owners were also the Philippine distributors of some of my favorite brands ofContinue reading “Dessert at Maitre Chocolatier Boutique Cafe”

Shopping in Hong Kong: French Chocolates and Macarons

Happy birthday to me!! I’m a chocoholic and anything from these stores would make the perfect gift. But maybe next year since I’m on a diet and I haven’t eaten chocolates for six months, except for cheating with a few squares. Oh how I miss you, chocolates!!The residents of Hong Kong are very lucky thatContinue reading “Shopping in Hong Kong: French Chocolates and Macarons”