Afternoon Tea at Lusso

Would you believe I’ve never eaten at Lusso before? I’ve been wanting to all these years but somehow the opportunity never came about. But when I read about Lusso’s new Afternoon Tea service I immediately dragged Rochelle to go try it.

Lusso Afternoon Tea-002

Isn’t the outdoor seating area beautiful? If it wasn’t so hot that day I would have liked to sit there. 

Lusso Afternoon Tea-001

Lusso Afternoon Tea

The restaurant’s dining area was quite small but very posh. 

Lusso Afternoon Tea-003

Lusso Afternoon Tea-005

Lusso Afternoon Tea-004

This was the first Afternoon Tea I’ve tried in Manila. 

Lusso Afternoon Tea menu

First we had to choose which tea we wanted from 6 varieties of Marriage Frères.

Lusso Afternoon Tea- The Mariage

We sniffed each can of loose leaf tea until we found the one that we fancied. 

Lusso Afternoon Tea- The Mariage-001

Lusso Afternoon Tea-009

Lusso Afternoon Tea-010

We both skipped lunch and were ravenous so we started with an order of luxe fries. Unfortunately the fries were a bit hard and greasy. The cheese was quite mild and there was hardly any truffle scent or taste. The waiter did give us a dish of truffle salt which was rock salt drizzled with truffle oil. It helped a little. 

Lusso Afternoon Tea- luxe fries with Asiago and truffle salt
luxe fries with Asiago and truffle salt


Here’s the tea set for two. First thing I noticed was there was two sandwiches, two pastries of each kind but there were three scones. Why not four? I’m sure one scone won’t put the cost over budget. Well I should be happy it wasn’t only two scones. 

Lusso Afternoon Tea for Two P900

I just love sandwiches without the crust. I felt like raising my pinky finger while eating these dainty sandwiches.

Lusso Afternoon Tea- assorted tea sandwiches

There were 5 kinds of sandwiches. From the picture below you may think that there’s so little filling but let me assure you that each one was well thought of from the unique spreads to the matching filling. Each creation was a subtle symphony on the palate, full flavored yet sublime. 

Lusso afternoon tea- finger sandwiches-001

Lusso Afternoon Tea-015

My raison d’être were the scones. I’m always searching for good scones that don’t taste like hockey pucks. As soon as I saw the tall layered scones I knew it was going to be good. 

Lusso Afternoon Tea- homemade scones
homemade scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam


The scone didn’t disappoint. It was moist, buttery, a little flaky, a nice touch of salt and best of all no baking powder after taste some scones have. This was one of the best scones I’ve ever eaten. I wish they had a selection of jams instead of just strawberry. 

Lusso Afternoon Tea- homemade scones-001

All three pastries were good including the cheesecake that I ate before I shot. I don’t like pavlova but this was so good. I think it was the mascarpone cheese (I think) on top of the meringue that did the trick. Another wish is a chocolate dessert. 

I didn’t expect to get full with what seemed like a measly selection but I did. I was full, happy and satisfied. Thanks to Rochelle for giving me the second scone. 

Lusso Afternoon Tea- lemon tart and pavlova
lemon tart and pavlova


Sure Afternoon Tea is just sosyal and mahal na merienda but sometimes we just have to slow down, relax and have a cultured snack. 

Lusso Afternoon Tea-020


Right outside Lusso I took pictures of Ann Pamintuan’s gorgeous horses. 

Sculptural Horses by Ann Pamintuan (Greenbelt 5)

Sculptural Horses by Ann Pamintuan (Greenbelt 5)-002

Sculptural Horses by Ann Pamintuan (Greenbelt 5)-001

Sculptural Horses by Ann Pamintuan (Greenbelt 5)-003

Sculptural Horses by Ann Pamintuan (Greenbelt 5)-004

Rust is art. 

Sculptural Horses by Ann Pamintuan (Greenbelt 5)-005

LUSSO by Margarita Forés
G/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St
Legazpi Village, Makati
telephone: (02) 756-5893

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