Wooden Spoon at Rockwell Power Plant Mall

Sandy Daza’s Wooden Spoon restaurant has been creating a buzz since he opened the first branch in Katipunan last year. I’ve been wanting to try it but I found going to Katipunan far and out of the way. Strange since I went to college there and didn’t complain about the drive for four years. I finally got to eat at their latest branch in Rockwell. 
Wooden Spoon

Wooden Spoon -001

I love the lighted backrest of the wooden bench in the shape of spoons. 

Wooden Spoon -002

Wooden Spoon -003

The food was Filipino with a twist. No fancy unrecognizable fusion, just a little improvement on classic dishes and some new creations that work. The food was overall good and the prices unbelievably low. No wonder the place was always full despite the cash only payment.

The food came out super fast and I felt a bit rushed. I had to take pictures even faster because my impatient friends were hungry. All these food were for four women. We wanted to try so many things so we ordered them all. We had a lot of leftovers.  

These shrimp balls were similar to the Thai version but with more wansoy or cilantro. 

Wooden Spoon - Wansoy Shrimp Balls P165
✔✔ Wansoy Shrimp Balls P165


This was a pretty unique and tasty salad made with salted eggs, century eggs, onions, radish, peanuts and a light vinaigrette. 

Wooden Spoon - Red & Century Egg Salad P155
✔✔ Red & Century Egg Salad P155


Crab Pancit was an appetizer created by the late Nora Daza and Two star Michelin Chef Jacques Marniere for their restaurant in Paris. Creamy eggs and sauce with faux crabmeat topped flash fried bihon (rice vermicelli noodles) was one of their most popular dishes. I personally wasn’t too fond of it because the noodles soaked up lots of oil that’s why you have to eat this dish fast while it’s hot. 

Wooden Spoon - Crab Pancit P175
✔✔ Crab Pancit P175


I’ve never eaten sigarilyas or winged beans before. All I knew was it’s one of the veggies in the song Bahay Kubo. I simply loved the soft beans in rich coconut sauce and topped with crunchy but not salty dried fish. I can eat just this and garlic rice and be very happy. 

Wooden Spoon - Sigarilyas at Daing P155
✔✔✔ Sigarilyas at Daing P155


Instead of fatty ox tail Chef Sandy Daza used lean cuts of beef that was cooked for a long time until it became tender gelatinous. It worked since I didn’t even miss the ox tail. I loved the thick, peanutty sauce the most. This kare kare is now one of my favorite versions. It didn’t even need bagoong.

Wooden Spoon - Kare Kare P272
✔✔✔ Kare Kare P272


I expected more from this dish since the menu described it as “It is the kilawin flavor of the Dinakdakan and the crunchy Lechon Kawali combined so you actually get the benefit of a “two in one.” Instead we got fatty bland pork with nary a sour flavor. 

Wooden Spoon - Dinakdak na Lechon P229
✔ Dinakdak na Lechon P229


It was the three pork dishes that underwhelmed us. The Bicol Express wasn’t bad at all but it lacked coconut flavor and spice. 

Wooden Spoon - Bicol Express P207
✔ Bicol Express P207


The binagoongang baby was equally boring. Not enough kick from the bagoong. The three pork dishes were our leftovers.

Wooden Spoon - Binagoongan P207
✔ Binagoongan P207


I wanted to try the Fiesta rice with all sorts of goodies in it but all our food was already too tasty and saucy so I had to make do with garlic rice. It was a good decision and a generous serving. We couldn’t even finish this plate of garlic rice. 

Wooden Spoon - Garlic Rice P125
✔✔✔ Garlic Rice P125


There were only three choices for dessert. Ube ice cream and fruit inside a pandan crepe didn’t disappoint.

Wooden Spoon - Pandan Crepe P135
✔✔ Pandan Crepe P135


There were more dishes than people eating! The dishes were small and good enough for 3-4 people to share.

Wooden Spoon -012

I don’t think I’ve seen prices like this in recent years. 

Wooden Spoon -014


I went back another time and ordered a few new dishes. I also ordered the sigarilyas and two egg salad. 

The lumpia filled with delicious sotanghon was a joy to eat. 

Wooden Spoon - Lumpiang Sotanghon
✔✔ Lumpiang Sotanghon


Other places over fry adobo flakes making it dry and stringy. This was cooked just right and you can still savor the adobo flavor. Adding garlic-mayo dip just made it more indulgent. 

Wooden Spoon - Adobo Flakes P207
✔✔✔ Adobo Flakes P207


I had two American guests that’s why there were two adobo dishes. They were familiar with adobo and that’s what they requested.

Wooden Spoon - Tostadong Adobo P200
✔✔ Tostadong Adobo P200


I liked this light coconut custard even more than the Pandan Crepe. I actually like anything coconut.

Wooden Spoon - Reyna Blanca P75
✔✔✔ Reyna Blanca P75


I wouldn’t mind going back to Wooden Spoon again and again since there’s still so much in the menu to try. I haven’t even tried anything in the seafood section. This is now the place I will bring balikbayans to.

✖ skip it
✔ boring
✔✔ do order
✔✔✔ MUST order

Wooden Spoon Menu
Pork, Beef, Seafood,Vegetables, Rice & Dessert

Wooden Spoon
Ground Floor, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City
telephone: +639178827594

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