Choi Garden Dinner

Before leaving Manila for the Christmas holidays we had dinner with my cousins on my mother’s side. Well, those who were in Manila since most of them live in the US. 

It’s been a while since I’ve eaten at Choi Garden and I’m happy to report that it’s still one of the best Chinese restaurants in Manila save for some minor misses. 

These noodles may look ordinary but I can guarantee it may be one of the best Chinese noodles you will ever taste. The abalone sauce use to make the noodles was very rich and concentrated and the noodles soaked up all the goodness. We had the strips of char siu (roast pork) added. Think of this as a decadent pancit canton. 

Choi Garden - e-fu noodles in abalone sauce
e-fu noodles in abalone sauce


 Underneath all that mayonnaise is chicken. Normally duck is used in this dish but since my dad doesn’t eat duck he had it switched to chicken. There’s also watermelon and mango strips as well as cucumber, jelly fish and candied walnuts.  

Choi Garden - chicken and fruit salad
chicken and fruit salad


It may seem unappetizing but trust me the combination of flavors and textures worked. I just wish they used a better brand of mayonnaise and maybe not as much too. 

Choi Garden - chicken and fruit salad-001

 For me Choi makes the best fried pigeon. 

Choi Garden - fried pigeon
fried pigeon


I’m always looking for a restaurant in Manila that can make this dish as good as in Hong Kong. Choi didn’t live up to my standards. The pork was still tough and the sauce wasn’t as good.  

Choi Garden - pork belly with preserved vegetables
pork belly with preserved vegetables


Black pepper beef ribs is one of my favorite dishes in Choi but that night it was too salty. But do try this and tell them not to make it too salty.  

Choi Garden - black pepper beef ribs
black pepper beef ribs


I didn’t eat the crab but everyone said it was excellent. 

Choi Garden - fried garlic crab
fried garlic crab


 The highlight of the meal were these cute little piggy buns for dessert. 

Choi Garden - steamed salted yolk & custard bun
steamed salted yolk & custard bun


Be careful when you take a bite because the very hot filling of sweet custard with salty egg yolk may burn your tongue. Take a small bite and let it cool a little before taking a bigger bite to savor the delicious bun.  

Choi Garden - steamed salted yolk & custard bun-001


Choi Garden Seafood and Shark’s Fin Restaurant
12 Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila 
telephone: 727-6042


3 thoughts on “Choi Garden Dinner

  1. choi graden is the best chinese restaurant so far in manila its very cheap too. next time try pata misua that the best noodle in town


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