Department of Coffee

As a coffee drinker I’m so pleased that more and more serious coffee places are opening in Manila. The latest and nearest to me is Department of Coffee along Wilson St. in San Juan. 

Department of Coffee is so small that if you blink you will miss it like I did the first time I went. I had to call them to ask for directions and found out that it’s right next to Mu Noodle Bar
Department of Coffee-001


They proudly state in the entrance that they use La Marzocco espresso machine which is  quite popular and pricey.

Department of Coffee-002


Fitting 20 people in the small space would be a challenge. 

Department of Coffee-004

Department of Coffee-003


I peeked inside to take a picture of their La Marzocco. 

Department of Coffee- La Marzocco espresso machine
La Marzocco espresso machine


Their menu was simple and straightforward with espresso based drinks.

Department of Coffee menu
Department of Coffee menu


I asked the barista if he knew how to make my drink of choice, a strong flat white, and he said yes. Did he get it right? Yes he did! It was definitely strong espresso (double shot) topped with hot milk and little foam.

The best thing I liked was their use of smaller coffee cups that has less space for milk. I hate those large coffee cups which they fill with so much milk it drowns out the coffee. That’s why I hardly ever order latte or cappuccino. You will not be disappointed with the coffee at Department of Coffee!!!

Department of Coffee- strong flat white P130
strong flat white P130


On the other hand their walnut chocolate chip cookie needs improvement. As you can see in the picture it was too smooth and tasted almost like dry bread instead of a cookie. Too bad since it had a good quantity of semi sweet chocolate chips and walnuts which I felt were wasted.

Department of Coffee- walnut chocolate chip cookie P60
walnut chocolate chip cookie P60


My second visit was with Jin who was miraculously in the area. She wanted coffee so I brought her to try DOC. 

Department of Coffee-009


Jin’s double shot cafe mocha had a successful latte art. She’s a stronger coffee drinker than me and she too was happy with her drink. The only thing that made her sad was they ran out of whipped cream for her mocha. 

Department of Coffee- strong flat white & double shot cafe mocha - P150
strong flat white & double shot cafe mocha – P150


Department of Coffee
197 Wilson St., San Juan, Metro Manila
telephone: +632-925-5388
Instagram: @departmentofcoffee 

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