Florence: Robiglio

I wish we had more days to try out all the coffee and sweets shops in Florence. After Caffé Gilli we tried Robiglio next. We didn’t stand at the bar this time because we were hot and tired and wanted to sit and rest for a bit. Those marzipan looked like real miniature fruit wereContinue reading “Florence: Robiglio”

Florence: Caffè Gilli

Florence had a lot of museums and cultural attractions but they also had several pasticceria and  confetteria which drew me like a moth to a flame. One of the oldest sweet shops in Florence is Gilli located right across the Savoy hotel. So many types of candies! Ok… not tempted. OMG!! These cookies were just whatContinue reading “Florence: Caffè Gilli”

San Sebastian: Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra

San Sebastian located in the north of Spain in the Basque country may not be as popular as Madrid or Barcelona but in the foodie world its the star of Spain. San Sebastian boasts of more Michelin starred restaurants per capita than any city in the world. I may be the only food blogger inContinue reading “San Sebastian: Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra”