Boqueria at SM Mega Fashion Hall

With several new restaurants in SM Mega Fashion Hall (Building D) that I wanted to try we thought it would be best to eat a little in each place just to get a feel of the food and decide if we want to go back for a more in depth exploration.

Our first stop was at Osaka Ohsho for appetizers which were three plates of their superb gyoza. For our main course we went next door to Boqueria. We were supposed to go for dessert specially when we saw they had churros but unfortunately they ran out of dark chocolate so we had paella instead. See how quick our appetites were satisfied? 

Boqueria Philippines (SM Mega Fashion Hall)-001

Boqueria Philippines (SM Mega Fashion Hall)-002

Boqueria Philippines (SM Mega Fashion Hall)-004

It was nice to see a Spanish chef manning the open kitchen. 

Boqueria Philippines (SM Mega Fashion Hall)-005

I loved how they used the same tiles for the floor and wall. 

Boqueria Philippines (SM Mega Fashion Hall)-003

Boqueria Philippines (SM Mega Fashion Hall)-008

Boqueria offered 4 kinds of paella and it was a quick decision for us to order the unique Paella Queso Manchego with their homemade chorizo. Manchego cheese is one of my favorite cheeses specially the kind that’s aged at least 12 months or longer. An order of paella is good for 2-3 people to share. The price was quite reasonable at P408 an order. 

Boqueria Philippines (SM Mega Fashion Hall)- Paella Queso Manchego P408-001
Paella Queso Manchego P408


The rice was done just right and it was neither too soft or too hard. The flavor was good too but it needed some salt which I didn’t mind. It’s better than a dish being too salty.  I think reduced the salt because of the cheese but the cheese wasn’t that salty anyway.

What surprised me was the taste of the smokey chorizo. I couldn’t pinpoint the distinct spice I tasted but I was told it was a combination of different kinds of pimenton. The flavor had depth but again it could do with just a tad more salt. I was pleased that there was precious socarrat, the crispy toasted bits  on the pan.  

Boqueria Philippines (SM Mega Fashion Hall)- Paella Queso Manchego P408-002


Overall we liked Boqueria’s paella except that it was a bit too oily. Next time I’ll request them to put less oil. 

Boqueria Philippines (SM Mega Fashion Hall)- Paella Queso Manchego P408-003

I’ll definitely be back to try Boqueria’s other dishes and most specially their churros. 

3/F SM Mega Fashion Hall
EDSA corner J. Vargas Avenue, Mandaluyong City,, 1860, Philippines
cellphone: +63917-5780067

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