#SayNoToNgilo with Sensodyne

It’s the height of summer in the Philippines and everyone can feel the heat. For me relief comes in the form of iced coffee. As long as it’s hot my choice of caffeine is a tall glass of iced coffee. From Manila to Hong Kong to Tokyo to San Francisco I always order iced coffee.

UCC’s Iced Sumiyaki Coffee and Coffee Frappe
Iced Coffee at Cafe Corridor in Hong Kong
Blue Bottle’s Kyoto Iced Coffee in San Francisco

As I write this i’m drinking two shots of espresso poured straight in to a large glass of ice. Nothing can be more refreshing on a hot, hot afternoon. But did you know not everyone can enjoy this? Some people can’t stand the feel of coffee, hot or cold, on their sensitive teeth. I’m lucky that I don’t have very sensitive teeth and can enjoy coffee. But I can’t bite ice cubes so that means I do have a little sensitivity too. It’s a good thing there’s a simple solution to this – Sensodyne®.

Do you want to know if you have sensitive teeth? Try the Chill Test. Take an ice cube of coffee in your mouth. If you can stand the chill, then you’re ok. If not then you’ve got sensitive teeth. Some may have a stronger reaction than others. 

There is hope for people suffering from this. Sensodyne® wants everyone to, as they call it, #SayNoToNgilo. To help, they have a whole range of products that both relieve the symptoms of sensitive teeth, through twice daily brushing, AND repair the damage that makes them sensitive in the first place. So, no matter how bad your discomfort is, there is hope. 

So why not give the Chill Test a try? Your teeth will thank you later. To take the test: You’ll be given a coffee ice cube to put inside your mouth. If you don’t experience discomfort, then good for you. If you can’t handle it, then you have sensitive teeth.


They’ll be around a lot of popular areas in the city, so go ahead and find the closest location through the Sensodyne® Philippines  Facebook page (@SensodynePH). The Ice Chill Test will happen until September 18, 2016 in malls and barangays around Metro Manila.

“SENSODYNE and the rings device are trade marks owned by or licensed to the GSK group of companies.”

This is a sponsored post. 

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