My Cousin’s New Book – The Greatest King

It’s hard to believe but I have a super duper talented cousin, Jerry, who used to be an animator for Disney. Now he wrote a children’s book!! Please support him by downloading the book. It’s free for the next 3 days.It’s a Kindle book. If you have an Apple device you can download the KindleContinue reading “My Cousin’s New Book – The Greatest King”

Starbucks 2012 Planner and New Holiday Treats

Starbucks sent me my very own Starbucks 2012 bamboo planner yesterday. Thanks Starbucks!! It’s my very first Starbucks planner ever.They sent it to my store and I was so excited to take pictures I just used my new iPhone 4s and got these nice and super clear shots. I just love the camera of the iPhoneContinue reading “Starbucks 2012 Planner and New Holiday Treats”