Freezer Burn’s Composed Desserts

There’s so many restaurants opening left and right. Some are foreign franchises while some are homegrown concepts. The best thing is some of them are dessert places and that’s what we need right?

The latest sweet spot to open is Freezer Burn, a local concept from  chefs Miko Aspiras and Kristine Lotilla the creative duo behind Scout’s Honor and Le Petite Souffle. They really wanted to open an ice cream place but with a twist. 
Freezer Burn Philippines-001//

Freezer Burn Philippines-002

The most basic way to enjoy their churned ice cream is on a cone.

Freezer Burn Philippines Menu

But I highly suggest trying their composed desserts which is a combination of hot and cold components. They really did a good job of creating unusual combinations while others were just perfect partners. For me the strangest one was the Ketchup Mayo Fries. I tried the ice cream and it really tasted like ketchup!! You’re supposed to dip the hot fries into the cold ice cream. I dare you to try that! 


Freezer Burn Philippines Menu-001//

Freezer Burn Philippines Menu-002

I’m going back to try the richest hot dark chocolate. 


Freezer Burn Philippines Menu-003

I didn’t know which composed dessert to choose so I tried all the flavors of ice cream. 


Freezer Burn Philippines-008//

Freezer Burn Philippines-007

This hot and cold concept is unique to the QSR market so they had to design a special container for it. 


Freezer Burn Philippines-009//

After much internal deliberation I decided to order the BBPPBB or brown butter pecan ice cream with peanut butter liege waffle and banana. It was so delicious but quite heavy for one but I managed to finish it all. I was right not to have lunch before going there. 
Freezer Burn Philippines- BBPPBB Composed Dessert P295

I put some ice cream on the peanut butter drenched waffle and ate it that way. I also ate most the ice cream from the waffle cone. 


Freezer Burn Philippines-011

My other favorite ice cream flavors were the ultra dark ultra rich chocolate and the best mint stracciatella ice cream which had bits of Andes mint chocolate and dark chocolate flakes. They were part of the desserts I was choosing from. Since I was too stuffed to eat another dessert I just asked for half scoops of each flavor. I left Freezer Burn with a big smile on my face and a belly stuffed with sugar. Congratulations chefs Miko and Kristine! You have a winner on your hands. Can’t wait to a branch to open in the Ortigas area. 


Freezer Burn Philippines- chocolate and the best mint stracciatella ice cream//

Freezer Burn
Ground Floor, Q3, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
telephone: +63 9773572191
Hours: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

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