Mateo’s Restaurant Café

If you’re like me I learn about new restaurants through social media, whether through a post on Instagram or an article on the web. I’ve never heard of Mateo’s before even though I’ve most likely passed by it. My partner chose the place for our meeting because he passes by it all the time.

Mateo’s is a Spanish Filipino restaurant across Robinson’s Magnolia near Horseshoe Drive in Quezon City. It’s a house converted into a restaurant. They had sufficient parking space and that’s a very good thing.
Mateo's Restaurant Cafe//

Mateo's Restaurant Cafe-003//

Mateo's Restaurant Cafe-001//

Mateo's Restaurant Cafe-002

// menu has a good mix of Filipino and Spanish favorites. //

Mateo's Restaurant Cafe menu//

Mateo's Restaurant Cafe menu-001

The paella, lengua and calls were all ok. They were acceptable but I’ve eaten better elsewhere. If based on those three dishes I wouldn’t even post this anymore. But to my surprise there was one dish that blew me away. 


Mateo's Restaurant Cafe- Spanish Seafood Paella P875
Spanish Seafood Paella P875


Mateo's Restaurant Cafe- Lengua with 3 Mushroom Cream Sauce P410
Lengua with 3 Mushroom Cream Sauce P410


Mateo's Restaurant Cafe- Callos a la Mateo P320
Callos a la Mateo P320

I didn’t order the pasta. It must have been one of the guys. I would never order pasta in Spanish restaurant. But one bite made me want to grab the whole plate and eat it all instead of sharing it like I did. It was simply seafood pasta with special sauce and cream but it tasted better than any pasta I’ve had in a while. It’s the one dish that makes me want to go back again and again. I don’t really know how to describe it so just trust me on this people. 

My friend went to eat there the next day after seeing my post on Instagram and she said the gambas and croquetas de chorizo were very good too. 


Mateo's Restaurant Cafe- Seafood Caprese Linguini P295

Several years ago I ate a rosemary & lemon olive oil cake in Margaret River in Australia that I really loved that to this day I can’t forget about it. So when I saw the words naked lemon olive cake on the menu I quickly ordered one. After one bite I ordered another one. Imagine a soft, very moist tangy lemon cake with a cream cheese filling and that’s what this unique cake was. Think lemon square and cheesecake combined. I was in heaven with every bite. I really admire a small restaurant having unique and homemade desserts like this. I want to have this with coffee and I saw they had a commercial espresso machine complete with a commercial grinder. 


Mateo's Restaurant Cafe- Naked Lemon Olive Cake P155
Naked Lemon Olive Cake P155

The guys liked the mango yema torte too but I couldn’t be bothered with it. All my love and attention was on the lemon cake. 


Mateo's Restaurant Cafe- Mango Yema Torte P175
Mango Yema Torte P175


Mateo's Restaurant Cafe-012

I was happy to have discovered Mateo’s, a neighborhood gem that deserves a second and third visit. If you discover what else is good please drop a comment below. 

Mateo’s Restaurant Cafe
54 N. Domingo Street, Horseshoe Village, New Manila, Quezon City
telephone: 02-696-3724

10 thoughts on “Mateo’s Restaurant Café

  1. Best seats are in the bar. There are times they’ll bring out a whole fish and slice it infront of diners. Definitely one of the best places to have sashimi and sushi!


  2. I just had lunch here (literally finished 10 minutes ago), and I can safely say I am NEVER going back to Kikufuji again.

    The waitresses completely ignored us when we tried to follow up on our orders — and deliberately too; they would see us and actually signal that they couldn’t attend to us because they were busy. This when few other customers were around.

    We tried to order an additional Tonkatsu because the Beef Teppanyaki was woefully puny, and after 45 minutes, it had not yet been served. Upon attempting to cancel, we were told that this wasn’t possible.

    So we asked to speak with the manager. After 15 minutes, a waitress comes by and tells us that the manager declined to speak to us. REALLY. And then when we tried to cancel the order again, we were told that there was a problem with the kitchen and we should have said something earlier. So it’s our fault, then?

    RIDICULOUS. Don’t bother wasting your money here.


  3. We went here with my friends last Saturday to celebrate a birthday and post new year lunch. The Good: Skewered Wagyu (melts in the mouth) , all fresh fish (Salmon sashimi was good). The Bad: Beef teppanyaki was not impressive and yes service is poor. This is probably not their priority. Imagine flagging a waitress across the room and she would should out “HA?”. We bought a cake from Conti’s and requested to be refrigerated. When it was time for dessert we secretly asked the waitress to take out the cake for our friend. On top of shouting to the whole world about it, she was asking ” anong cake?” and so another friend has to distance their discussion and explain the secret surprise. Lo and behold when the cake came, the waitress dumped the boxed cake at the end of the table without warning or finesse. hence, surprise cake -it was not.
    it was my first time to eat here and it was really a turn off.


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