It’s all about CRAB!

It’s easy to throw a dinner party in your home. Just dial the phone and you can order all kinds of food from lechon, bbq, caviar pie, palabok, pasta, desserts for an instant party without doing any work. Now you can add these delicious crabs to your directory of goodies. Sandra and I have a lot ofContinue reading “It’s all about CRAB!”

Tasting Menu at Sensei Sushi Bar

I’ve heard so much  about Chef Bruce’s tasting menu but I couldn’t find any one of my friends willing to go to Parañaque just to eat. I thank my new foodie friends who are willing to brave the traffic for good food. Most of them have eaten at Sensei Sushi several times yet they’re willingContinue reading “Tasting Menu at Sensei Sushi Bar”

Tanabe Japanese Restaurant in Malate

At the very last minute Rochelle decided she wanted to watch Wicked and even though I already watched it in San Francisco several years ago I agreed to go with her. We got tickets to the second to the last show. Before the show we went to Tanabe for a super early dinner. It wasContinue reading “Tanabe Japanese Restaurant in Malate”

Margarita Forés’ Grace Park

Here’s another farm-to-table restaurant. This one by the acclaimed chef and restaurateur Margarita Forés. I’m a long time fan of Cibo as well as her catering so I was excited to try her new restaurant. I’ve read some early not so good reviews that’s why I waited until a couple of weeks ago to tryContinue reading “Margarita Forés’ Grace Park”

A Week in Instagram

With so many forms of social media around it’s confusing for someone in my generation. I recently got more proficient with Instagram which I found interesting and entertaining. With one post on Instagram I can also share my pictures on Twitter and Facebook. I also discovered several fascinating people sharing their talents and artistry.  HereContinue reading “A Week in Instagram”

Lobster Buffet at Corniche, Diamond Hotel Philippines

I’m not too keen on buffets because my tummy can’t catch up with everything my eyes devour. When Fran, who’s back in Manila for a short trip, texted me if I wanted to try a lobster buffet it didn’t take me a second to reply a resounding “YES!” You see, lobster is my favorite seafood.Continue reading “Lobster Buffet at Corniche, Diamond Hotel Philippines”

Hairy Crab Dinner at Wu Kong

It’s funny but I’ve eaten at Wu Kong, one of my favorite restaurants in Hong Kong, so many times but I’ve never tried their hairy crab set until Jin convinced me that I shouldn’t miss it. Shanghai hairy crab set HK$468 If you don’t want to order the whole set you can order it aContinue reading “Hairy Crab Dinner at Wu Kong”