What should I eat from the produce aisle?

The site Top Cultured came up with several interesting and helpful flow charts to help you decide what to eat or drink. This flowchart is for the healthy produce aisle section. This is for everyone who over indulged during the holiday season. (click to enlarge) Here are some of their other flowcharts: Fast FoodCerealChain RestaurantBeerFreezerContinue reading “What should I eat from the produce aisle?”

Ganito ka rin ba mag-English?

This letter was reportedly found in a bar and was published in the newspaper in its original form. This has been spreading through email and facebook. I found it amusing not only for the grammatical and spelling errors but for the efforts of the writer in insulting her competition for Dennis. Enjoy reading!(click to viewContinue reading “Ganito ka rin ba mag-English?”