Choi Garden Seafood and Shark’s Fin Restaurant

This Chinese restaurant in Greenhills opened its doors in December 2007 and it’s been full ever since. The restaurant employs 6 chefs from Hong Kong and you can tell by the authentic taste of their food. The entrance of Choi Garden Ground floor The following pictures are part of a set meal for a tableContinue reading “Choi Garden Seafood and Shark’s Fin Restaurant”

Dinner at East Ocean Restaurant

1.31.09location: New World Mall, Hong Kong 12 course Chinese dinner for 6 pax with only 5 people at the table. A case of gluttony. There were lotssssss of take home. Some reached all the way to the Philippines! Crispy Pork Prawns w/ Candied Walnuts Fried Abalone Oysters and Tongue Broccoli w/ Scallops Soup Steamed LapuContinue reading “Dinner at East Ocean Restaurant”