Sunday Lunch at Green Maris Hot Pot

Green Maris Hot Pot is another popular place to eat hot pot in Greenhills. It’s actually owned by Gloria Maris restaurant which is right next to it. This eat all you can hot pot promo looks interesting. I would order a lot of imported beef to make it worth it. sauce ingredients Since we wereContinue reading “Sunday Lunch at Green Maris Hot Pot”

Hot Pot at Choi Garden Restaurant

It was raining non-stop last Friday when Deb texted me if I wanted to have lunch with her. She wanted to eat hot pot so I suggested Choi Garden restaurant. Yes Choi again. Choi Garden is THE all in one Chinese restaurant that serves dimsum all day, ala carte, lauriat and hot pot. To thoseContinue reading “Hot Pot at Choi Garden Restaurant”

Sunday Lunch at The Century Seafood Restaurant

We liked the food the last time we ate at Century so we returned for Sunday lunch. har gau or shrimp dumplings chicken feet siomai All the dimsum were good but the fried shrimp and mango roll was outstanding. It was different from the usual dimsum fare. fried shrimp & mango roll We liked the Wagyu steakContinue reading “Sunday Lunch at The Century Seafood Restaurant”

Sunday Lunch at Choi Garden Restaurant

Choi Garden Shark’s Fin and Seafood restaurant is our favorite Chinese resaturant. We eat there at least once a month and usually on Sunday. After 2 years in business it’s still always full. On weekends or when they have big parties they open up all the partition on the second floor to make it oneContinue reading “Sunday Lunch at Choi Garden Restaurant”

Perth Day 10 – Bell Tower, Jade Restaurant, Valentino Restaurant

It’s our last day in Perth. We went to the last attraction in our list of place to go in Perth, the Bell Tower. The Bell Tower is like one huge musical instrument. The bells in the tower have a long history from 14th century England up to its final home in Perth. We caughtContinue reading “Perth Day 10 – Bell Tower, Jade Restaurant, Valentino Restaurant”

Perth Day 7 – Part 2 Caversham Wildlife Park, James St. Kitchen

In the afternoon we went to Caversham Wildlife Park in Swan Valley because P hasn’t had enough of looking at animals. We had more than enough so only Warren went in with him. Admission is A$22 for adults and A$8 for kids (3 to 14). But after seeing these pictures I wonder if we made the rightContinue reading “Perth Day 7 – Part 2 Caversham Wildlife Park, James St. Kitchen”

Dinner at Wu Kong

We previously had a dim sum lunch at Wu Kong. This night we had dinner to continue Elizabeth’s birthday celebration. Take note all the food below fed 8 people and the servings weren’t very big. Everything was so good it was all devoured to the last bit. The first four dishes are popular hot andContinue reading “Dinner at Wu Kong”

Dinner at Macau Chinese Restaurant

A friend told us about this restaurant. We didn’t even know there was another Macau restaurant in the area. He said the specialty was the chicken with durian. Nope not trying that. We were pleasantly surprised with the nice ambiance. shark’s fin soup Macau baked eel HK$78(acc. to the menu it’s baked but it cameContinue reading “Dinner at Macau Chinese Restaurant”

Lunch at Spring Deer Restaurant

Of all the restaurants in Hong Kong, Spring Deer is my most favorite. It should be since I’ve been going there for more than 20 years. Spring Deer has been open in the same location since 1969. It’s a landmark in Hong Kong. It’s also a favorite destination of tourists from Manila, Japan and theContinue reading “Lunch at Spring Deer Restaurant”