Dinner at Joe’s Shanghai

Hello New York!!!! I was so excited to be finally in the city that never sleeps. We only had 2 nights and 2 days to eat as much as we can. We weren’t even planning to do any sightseeing or shopping. It was all about the food baby! After the four hour drive from DC,Continue reading “Dinner at Joe’s Shanghai”

Dinner at Wu Kong

We previously had a dim sum lunch at Wu Kong. This night we had dinner to continue Elizabeth’s birthday celebration. Take note all the food below fed 8 people and the servings weren’t very big. Everything was so good it was all devoured to the last bit. The first four dishes are popular hot andContinue reading “Dinner at Wu Kong”

Lunch at Wu Kong

Wu Kong is a very popular Shanghai restaurant in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. It’s been in business since 1984 and business has been really strong since they had a total renovation a few years ago. At lunch they offer their version of dim sum and light meals. It’s easier to get a tableContinue reading “Lunch at Wu Kong”