Solaire Resort and Casino

Solaire Resort and Casino
I finally got to visit the newest mega casino resort that just opened in Manila.

As soon as you pass the tight security and enter the lobby you are greeted by two statuesque ladies in high, high heels. The large skylight and beautiful decorative fixtures were quite impressive.
Solaire Resort and Casino-001

Solaire Resort and Casino-002

Solaire Resort and Casino-003

The scale and grandeur really felt like I was in Macau or Las Vegas.
Solaire Resort and Casino-004

Beautiful multi-colored hydrangeas were the focal point near the registration area.
Solaire Resort and Casino-005

I went back to the hotel a few days later and the colors of the flowers changed.
flowers at Solaire

Solaire Resort and Casino-006

Solaire Resort and Casino-007

This is the VIP entrance. If you enter here it will be nearer to the restaurants. You will need a special VIP card to use this entrance.
Solaire Resort and Casino-008

I like the colorful carpet and the gorgeous ceiling.
Solaire Resort and Casino-009

Solaire Resort and Casino-010

Solaire Resort and Casino-011

Solaire Resort and Casino-012

After our lunch at Finestra (post to follow) we requested to see their hotel room.
Solaire Resort and Casino-013

Solaire Resort and Casino-014

It was a pretty nice and modern hotel room. This was the standard room which costs P8,000 (USD$200).
Solaire Resort and Casino- standard room-006

There was an iPhone or iPod dock speaker system on the side table. You’re out of luck if you use an iPhone 5 though.
Solaire Resort and Casino- standard room-001

Solaire Resort and Casino- standard room-002

I don’t really like the table under the tv but I guess it serves it’s purpose as extra storage space. Those doors serve a purpose too.
Solaire Resort and Casino- standard room-003

Behind door 1 is the mini bar and refrigerator.
Solaire Resort and Casino- standard room-004

Behind door 2 is the closet and the countertop safe.
Solaire Resort and Casino- standard room-005

I wish all hotel rooms have separate shower stalls and tub like this. An additional handheld shower is a bonus seldom seen in hotels.
Solaire Resort and Casino- standard room

From the room I saw this single level structure facing Manila Bay. I learnt that this was the Bayside Villa which measured 546 square meters and rents for P150,000.00 (USD$3,630) a night. I think you have to be a high roller or Head of State or just filthy rich to stay there. I wish I could take a tour inside.

Beside it is the Chairman’s Villa  which is even bigger at 936 square meters (bigger than most mansions) which you can rent for P300,000.00 (USD$7,260). According to our guide only the chairman Mr. Razon has stayed there.
Solaire Resort and Casino- Bayside Villa  & Chairman's Villa

Solaire Resort and Casino
Entertainment City (Near SM Mall of Asia) Parañaque 
telephone: +632-888-8888
click here for the map and directions

2 thoughts on “Solaire Resort and Casino

  1. I haven’t been to Solaire yet, but it really looks nice. The Bayside and Chariman Villas intrigue me. How I wish I get to miraculously stay there in the future. Haha! Anyway, thank you for the tour! 🙂


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