Pantry Favorites – Crunchy Chili Garlic Oil

This is my favorite condiment. It has a permanent place on our dinner table. There are several brands selling bottled garlic but this is the only one that’s steeped in oil and remains crunchy forever. This is what I always bring my friends and relatives when I go to the United States. Becky’s Kitchen’s CrunchyContinue reading “Pantry Favorites – Crunchy Chili Garlic Oil”

Pantry Favorites – Alavar Bagoong Gata

Bagoong is shrimp paste. It’s a common ingredient or condiment in the Philippines. Several countries in South East Asia also have their own versions of shrimp paste. In the Philippines we use bagoong for our famous dishes like kare kare (ox tail peanut stew), binagoongang baboy (pork with bagoong) and pinakbet (vegetables with bagoong) toContinue reading “Pantry Favorites – Alavar Bagoong Gata”

Pantry Favorites – Bottled Tuyo

I’m starting a series called Pantry Favorites. These are my favorite Filipino products that I always keep in stock in my pantry. Today it’s San Sebastian’s Dried Herring (Tuyo) with garlic in olive oil. Herring fish is salted and dried under the sun that’s why it’s called Tuyo (dried) in Filipino. Tuyo is then friedContinue reading “Pantry Favorites – Bottled Tuyo”