Jacob’s Shawarma & Kebab

My friend Jenny told me about Jacob’s Shawarma since she knew how much I love shawarma and it was just a few minutes walk from my store. Is he Jacob? He reminds me of Ben Affleck and Chris O’Donnell. Amazing that they’re open 24 hours. A strong aroma of spices assaulted my senses I soonContinue reading “Jacob’s Shawarma & Kebab”

Yummy Eats at Manda Centrale

Just the other day I read about a new night market opening near Shaw and planned to visit it one day since it’s so near my home and business. Yesterday the rain clouds, good timing and my driver’s decision to pass the area as a shortcut from Edsa I got the chance to go toContinue reading “Yummy Eats at Manda Centrale”