Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

One of my favorite places in Melbourne is the Queen Victoria Market. These are black oranges by the way. Luckily the apartment we stayed at was less than 5 minutes walk from Queen Vic as the locals call the century old market in the heart of the city. The market occupies two whole blocks. WeContinue reading “Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne”

Yummy Eats at Manda Centrale

Just the other day I read about a new night market opening near Shaw and planned to visit it one day since it’s so near my home and business. Yesterday the rain clouds, good timing and my driver’s decision to pass the area as a shortcut from Edsa I got the chance to go toContinue reading “Yummy Eats at Manda Centrale”

Barcelona: La Boqueria Market

I’ve read from several sources that the best food can be found in La Boqueria Market in Barcelona. Aside from selling all sorts of produce, fish, cured meats and candies there were also several tapas bars in the market. We went to La Boqueria right after eating churros and espadrilles shopping. Even if I wasContinue reading “Barcelona: La Boqueria Market”

Madrid: Mercado San Miguel

Without a doubt our favorite place in Madrid was Mercado San Miguel, one of the oldest covered markets in Madrid. This renovated market was surprisingly modern, clean and filled with all sorts of wonderful foodstuff and tapas. After our dinner at Restaurante Botin we walked along this street and was surprised to find the marketContinue reading “Madrid: Mercado San Miguel”