Jacob’s Shawarma & Kebab

12- chicken shawarma P130
My friend Jenny told me about Jacob’s Shawarma since she knew how much I love shawarma and it was just a few minutes walk from my store.

Is he Jacob? He reminds me of Ben Affleck and Chris O’Donnell.
Jacob's Shawarma

Amazing that they’re open 24 hours.
Jacob's Shawarma-001

A strong aroma of spices assaulted my senses I soon as I stepped in the small restaurant. I imagined how flavorful my shawarma was going to be.
Jacob's Shawarma-002

Jacob's Shawarma-003

Jacob's Shawarma menu
Jacob’s Shawarma menu (click to enlarge)

I went there on a Friday and luckily they still had chicken because I didn’t feel like eating salmon shawarma.
Jacob's Shawarma menu-001

salmon shawarma 

I took a picture of someone’s order. I think it’s chicken kebab.
chicken kebab with Turkish rice P180
chicken kebab with Turkish rice P180

I was surprised at how huge my shawarma was. I had it cut into half and tried it. I couldn’t even taste the chicken since all I ate was the tomato and raw onions which I don’t like. I ate the chicken side and gave away the veggie side as well as the other half.

Needless to say I didn’t like it. I’d rather have a smaller shawarma with more meat and much less veggies. So far my favorite shawarma was the one I had at Manda Centrale.
12" chicken shawarma P130-001
12″ chicken shawarma P130

This was the first time I’ve seen shawarma heated in a panini press.
12" chicken shawarma P130-002

I also tried the bite size baklava and it was just ok. It was definitely better than the one at Greeka Kouzina.
baklava P50

Jacob’s Shawarma & Kebab (near Chef & Brewer) 
Unit 115 AIC Grande Tower,  Sapphire Road,  Ortigas Center, 1605 Pasig City
telephone: 227-7686, 0939 403- 4306

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