Kris Aquino’s final message to her mom, President Cory Aquino

I cried buckets when I watched this. It was a very touching farewell that Kris delivered during the final mass at the Manila Cathedral on August 5, 2009. It was a very emotional day for us Filipinos as we stayed glued to the TV the whole day watching the funeral cortege from the Manila CathedralContinue reading “Kris Aquino’s final message to her mom, President Cory Aquino”

Gloria meets Barack for dinner

Here’s a funny commercial from the Philippines with actors spoofing President Gloria Arroyo and President Barack Obama. President Barack Obama has dinner at the Malacañang and is fed too much Filipino fare, from kare-kare thats oks (ox for the ox tail used in kare-kare) to guinataang mais thats corn. Trying to be polite, Obama triesContinue reading “Gloria meets Barack for dinner”

Super cute kid dancing to the Wonder Girls

I don’t know who the Wonder Girls are but I loved this video of a 4 yr. old kid copying their dance to a T. Even the sexy moves! This was shown in the same TV show in South Korea that first featured Charice. Maybe we’ll see this kid in Ellen next? This is theContinue reading “Super cute kid dancing to the Wonder Girls”