In search for the perfect garlic peanuts

Several months ago I had this craving for garlic peanuts. I remember trying the perfect coated garlic peanuts but I couldn’t find the supplier. So I started looking for it. First I bought this Indonesian garlic roasted peanuts from Unimart. It was a disappointment. It was coated with garlic but there was barely any garlic flavor.

My mom joined in the search and bought this. It’s greasy with slices of mild garlic. Thumbs down. My Auntie Lily heard of our peanut hunt and sent over Milky Way’s garlic peanuts. It was a little improvement over this but it wasn’t what I was looking for.

Next Auntie Lily sent this over. This Vietnamese creation does not contain garlic but instead is combination of wasabi, seaweed, sesame seed coated peanuts. It’s very good. It’s available in Unimart. This peanut tasting has cost me one cracked tooth and several dentist appointments trying to reconstruct the tooth. Now I need to have a crown put in.

Finally Flory found the perfect garlic peanuts in a small store in cubao. These peanuts are dry roasted with garlic bits stuck to it. There is slightly sweet, salty taste to it. Every bite guarantees a pungent garlic flavor. You are left with wonderful garlic breath. Mmmm.

I gave Auntie Lily a bag and she immediately texted that it’s so good she can’t stop eating. My mom and I have the same problem.

We repacked these peanuts for resale in my store.

(pls click on the picture to see the full size and appreciate all the garlic bits)

6 thoughts on “In search for the perfect garlic peanuts

  1. Les – your peanut hunt was too funny. I think your humorous spin makes this blog fun to read. One suggestion: instead of saying “this”, “that”, maybe you should mention the product itself coz sometimes, I am not sure if you are referring to the picture above or below… or maybe I’m just stupid – pero hey, you have to be equal opportunity to all types of readers, di ba?


  2. thanks for the suggestion. i used to have the same complaint w/ other blogs but while doing this i just assumed you read going down so ‘this’ should refer to the next picture down. i will keep this in mind next time. my next goal is to post a recipe and pics of something i cook. ha! when kaya?


  3. Hi, ive been searching for the best garlic peanuts in metro manila. would like to know sana where in Cubao did you find it? thanks a lot!


  4. I love love love your food blog!! Just came across it a couple of days ago and i cant seem to stop browsing thru it. Are you still in search for the best garlic peanuts? i can actually send you some!!


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