1 month anniversary!

It’s been a month and 41 entries since I started this blog. I never really planned on starting a blog. It all started with reading this forum about the wonders of the Panasonic Lumix LX 3 camera. I saw all the awesome pictures there and immediately bought the camera. Since I took a lot of food pics in Hong Kong I decided the fastest way to share the pics with friends and family is through a blog.

I’m still learning how to take better pictures so I posted a question on the Philmug forum to danielg, the guru there. He replied and told me to get or build a light box. At that point I didn’t even know what a light box was. I googled it and found several instructions on how to make one. I made it out of a skyflakes box, vinyl shower curtain from SM (P50), cartolina and 2 Omni desk lamps (P250 each) with 23 watts daylight bulbs.

I played around with some skittles and shot these. I still need to learn a lot.

In the process I’ve learned a lot about html, blog design and photography. I’ve also doubled my exercise so I don’t gain too much weight from eating all the food I’ve shot. Thank you to my 18 followers, friends, relatives and to everyone around the world who has dropped by my simple site. I’m going to come up with more reviews, recipes and pictures so come back often. Any suggestions and comments are welcome.


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