North Park Noodle House

I accompanied my dad to see Dr. Peter Rivera (Hi Doc!) at the Medical City Hospital. After that we decided to have lunch at The Strip which was located just outside the hospital. There were several restaurants there but we chose to eat at North Park.

My dad ordered the tai pao and lapu lapu congee. He said it was good but Emerald‘s tai pao was better.

fried beancurd skin w/ shitake mushroom

salted garlic squid

I ate the beancurd sheet and squid without rice. How sad. They were both good but strangely a bit on the sweet side. The squid was so soft yet crunchy although I didn’t taste any garlic. North Park still serves good Chinese food at a very reasonable price.

North Park Noodle House
THE STRIP @ Medical City
Beside Medical City Hospital,
Ortigas Ave. Pasig City

2 thoughts on “North Park Noodle House

  1. Your Dad is my kind of guy!s Tai Pao and Lapu Lapu-Always in good taste and he is a Manchester United fan to boot!s I agree the Emeralds looked better too by the way but that looks pretty good!s Especially the mushrooms!s My recipe for Mushies may be better tho!s I liked the looks of the garlic squid too!s Must be time for dinner am really hungry!s Mandy and Bushy say they like the Tai Pao too!s And they are very descriminating doxie people 😉


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