Red Mango at SM Megamall

Red Mango is a frozen yogurt chain founded in South Korea in 2002, that has gained popularity in the United States. The company is known for using natural ingredients in making “authentic frozen yogurt” that is both tart and creamy. (from Wikipedia)

Red Mango is now in Manila. Their first 2 branches are at the Trinoma mall and Eastwood. The newest branch just opened at SM Megamall and that’s where I went. The only frozen yogurt I’ve tried is Pinkberry in L.A. I tried the coffee flavor without any toppings. It was soooooo tart (mukhasim talaga). I can’t imagine why people were crazy for it. I hope this isn’t as tart as Pinkberry.

They have a wide range of toppings from cereal, crushed graham, pomelo, kiwi and other fruits. But the most unique one was mochi. Mochi is a japanese sticky rice cake. I wasn’t in an adventurous mood otherwise I would have tried mochi with mangoes.

I got a medium original flavor with 2 toppings for P145. I chose sliced almonds and chocolate chips. I love the yogurt! It has just the right amount of tartness and it’s very creamy. The toppings are just right quantity too. I had toppings til the last spoonful of yogurt. Next time I’ll eat this without any toppings. It’s that good. By the way for those who will eat this take note of the pink plastic spoon. It’s imported from Korea and has a very nice shape and perfect for eating ice cream. I kept my spoon :D.

red mango yogurt

SM Megamall
Ground Flr. Bldg. A

7 thoughts on “Red Mango at SM Megamall

  1. Wow, they have Red Mango in the Philippines now!  I used to love going here when i used to live in S. Korea!  I miss it!  Love the pictures!!!


  2. Sadly, yung red mango dito sa eastwood city napakadamot sa serving. Dati my money’s well spent sa red mango, now I go to the other froyo store here instead. Ganun yata talag culture dito sa pinas. Sa una ok tapos pag marami ng followers nagsiscrimp on quality na.


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