Lartizan Boulangerie Française

Lartizan is the high end store of the French Baker. Some of the items they sell are the same as the French Baker but more expensive because the size is bigger like the muffins, turnovers and croissant.

The place is small and tucked in the corner of Mickey’s deli in Jupiter St. They specialize in sourdough bread. I’ve tried the sourdough rye bread and it was fantastic.

crusty roll & whole wheat roll

assorted sourdough bread

pretzels & bagels

They have a limited product line that is baked right in the store.

deli buns, English muffin & French table buns

ciabatta & crustless wheat bread

The employee was busy packing freshly baked French baguettes. It was 2 pm when I was there. I asked her it they can sell all that. She said it was their bestseller and that was the second batch of the day.

I’ve never liked eggs and eggy products like souffle and quiche. But I decided to try the ham & cheese quiche. It was so good! A perfect balance of eggs, cheese and lots of ham in a thin and crisp crust. I went back the next week to try the vegetable quiche which had tomatoes, mushroom and broccoli in it. It was equally good. They don’t sell this in French Baker. Believe me I looked for it. It means I have to travel all the way to Makati just to buy this.
This is the best almond croissant this side of the equator. Enough said.

almond croissant




I wonder how they wrap this huge lavash. It’s a shame to break it into pieces. I’ve tried the lavash and it’s very crisp and good by itself. It’s also good with cheese, pate or hummus.


French baguette

whole wheat baguette
This branch has closed as of 2012. You can still buy Lartizan bread at Santi’s branches around Manila. 

Lartizan Boulangerie Française (closed)
144 Jupiter St. Corner Orbit Street
Bel-air 2 Village, Makati
telephone:  899-6923

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