Fresh Chinese Lumpia

After the fried lumpia here is the healthier version, Chinese Lumpia. This also called Popiah in Singapore and China. They serve it into thin rolls over there and there are some variations in the fillings and sauce. In the Philippines, the Chinese Lumpia is commonly made of shredded beancurd, carrots, cabbage, green beans and shrimp. Pork is optional.

vegetable filling

basic lumpia set (click on pic)

Assembly Instructions

1. Unfold a lumpia wrapper and place it on top of your plate.
2. Line the lumpia wrapper with lettuce and wansuy (cilantro).
3. Place about a heaping scoop of vegetable filling on top of the lettuce.
4. Put some hoti (dried seaweed with fried vermicelli noodles) for crunch, sweet ground peanuts and brown sauce on top. Put as little or as much as you like.
5. Roll the lumpia, tucking in the sides and hold in your hand and take a big bite.

E’s overloaded lumpia

she can’t roll it so she just folds the wrapper

filled to the rim!

Below are pictures I took on how a lumpia is assembled. This was taken in DEC (Diao Eng Chai) a popular Chinese deli in Manila. Click to play the slideshow.

DEC – Diao Eng Chay Chinese Deli
203 Wilson St., Greenhills

2 thoughts on “Fresh Chinese Lumpia

  1. Hi,Hope you can share also the complete recipe and show how to cook this fresh chinese lumpia. i wanted to prepare this at home and share with my kids.Thanks!!Berong


  2. Oh my! This is the best Chinese lumpia I have ever tasted. There have been others I tried but nothing beats this. I will have to google for hoti though I’d love to make this at home


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