Dinner at Cafe de Coral

When you’re in Hong Kong and you want a fast, cheap and filling meal go to your nearest branch of Cafe de Coral. They’re the biggest chain of Chinese fast food. They have pretty good food too. They constantly have new dishes as well as old time favorites.

You order in the front where the menu and the cashier is and pay. Then you go to this counter and collect your food. They change their menu for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

This is the best milk tea I’ve ever tasted. Nothing in Manila or Hong Kong has come close to it. The tea is strong and not drowned out by milk. It’s so strong that if I drink it in the afternoon I can’t sleep that night. But I’d drink this milk tea over Starbucks anytime. An order costs HK$8 but if you order if during afternoon tea it’s HK$6.

milk tea or nai cha
Eating in Cafe de Coral is perfect for rice lovers. Their meals usually come w/ a huge amount of rice. Not good for us since we eat more viands than rice. The rice in this pot is very good. It’s flavored with chicken and soy sauce. But still the small quantity of chicken and taro barely made a dent on the rice.

steamed rice w/ taro & chicken HK$32 w/ a drink

So I had to order this combo of chicken & bbq pork to eat with the taro rice

lung kong chicken & bbq pork HK$26

The soup, chicken and wanton in this dish is very good. It was another wipe out.

chicken w/ wanton in pot HK$38

dinner menu

2 thoughts on “Dinner at Cafe de Coral

  1. Hi Les, I think Maxim’s also deserves a mention apart from cafe de coral simply bec. it’s been here longer and they serve the best cha siew fan (roast pork topping). They have several branches as well and the Maxim’s company has grown to acquire several franchises abroad and brought it out here in HKG. One namely, Starbucks, whose coffee I don’t really like but whose molten chocolate cake is to die for.


  2. there’s no branch near our place kasi so i’ve never eaten there. hopefully they open in tst soon. para kang ambassador for maxim’s 😀 how’s their milk tea?


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