Dinner at Tsui Wah Restaurant

I’m happy to introduce all my readers and future travelers to Hong Kong another ‘good and cheap’ restaurant in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. Tsui Wah Restaurant is located on Carnarvon st. right behind K11 mall. It’s just steps away from Nathan Road. It’s quite a spacious restaurant with two levels. Where’s the salt? TsuiContinue reading “Dinner at Tsui Wah Restaurant”

Sencha Tea from Chatime

The first time I tried Chatime was when they opened their first branch at Pioneer Center where I usually do my groceries. I ordered the Chatime Roasted milk tea since it was the first item on their menu and their bestseller.You may have read my entry for my favorite milk tea and know that I likeContinue reading “Sencha Tea from Chatime”

Gong Cha Manila – Mall of Asia

Finally my favorite milk tea which I always drink in Hong Kong is finally here in Manila! Gong Cha opens it’s first branch in the 1st floor of the Mall of Asia right next to Time Zone and near the bowling center. This is the reason why Gong Cha’s milk tea tastes better than theContinue reading “Gong Cha Manila – Mall of Asia”

Ay-Sheng Flour-Rice Noodle 阿升麵線

When I went to Crumbs in Mongkok I noticed a stall right next to it that sold all sorts of Taiwanese food. It reminded me of my recent trip to Taipei so I checked it out. They sold popular Taiwanese snacks like fried chicken cutlets, minced pork on rice and cuttlefish balls. Their most popularContinue reading “Ay-Sheng Flour-Rice Noodle 阿升麵線”

Shaved ice, other desserts and more at Lugang Cafe

No I don’t have shares in Lugang Cafe but i wish I did. I just darn love the food. Tuesday was a holiday and we brought some friends to Lugang to share the joyous experience of eating there. It seemed half the town had the same idea. The place was packed and I saw aContinue reading “Shaved ice, other desserts and more at Lugang Cafe”