Singapore Airlines food- Manila to Perth


All the pictures starting today were taken with my new toy, the Panasonic G1. It was heavy to lug it at times but the pictures were worth it.

We took flight SQ 917 from Manila to Singapore. The plane was a BOEING 777-300 which had a seating configuration of 3-4-3. The plane was a bit dated and the inflight entertainment system wasn’t the kind that you could start and stop the movie you were watching. I found out too late when I watched Marley & Me 30 minutes after it started.

The food wasn’t very good but I still ate it all because I didn’t eat lunch and was ravenous by then.

braised noodles w/ char siew

ube (purple yam) ice cream

When we arrived in Singapore we just walked to the next gate and immediately boarded the plane for flight SQ 215 to Perth. The plane was a new Airbus A330-300. It was so beautiful! Check out the screen and stuff in front of me. The seating configuration was 2-4-2. Eliminating the middle seat was a smart idea.

The Krisworld inflight entertainment was great! This time you can choose any movie and start watching when you want to. You can pause it too if you need a bathroom break. I watched Bride Wars. I didn’t feel like watching any drama or action movies in case I fell asleep.

Check out all the plugs! You can connect your dvd player to the av input. There’s also a usb hub. I don’t get the ipod connector though. It isn’t a standard ipod connector.
My favorite was this small area to put the most important things I need during a flight – water and my lip balm.

Beneath the arm rest is an AC plug that’s 110v and it accepts US and UK plugs. I even brought my ipod charger but never got to use it because of all the nice movies I watched. Who had time for sleep and music?

They thought of every detail when designing this plane. Who would think of putting a mirror on the tray?

The bathroom was pretty spiffy too!

I loved the waste receptacle that opens with a push of the foot pedal.

I wanted to order the chicken but they ran out of both the chicken and fish by the time they got to me. I found that strange since the flight wasn’t even full.
The uber nice male flight attendant offered me beef cheek. Since I’ve never tried that before I said yes. I wonder where he got that since it wasn’t on the menu.
The beef cheeks were a cross between ox tongue and beef. It was ok but it wasn’t very tasty. The uber nice FA kept coming back to ask if everything was ok. I just kept saying yes since he was so nice and apologetic.

I didn’t eat the beef cheeks and rice.Instead I took this hearty piece of ham and stuck inside the roll and had myself a nice ham sandwich.
The cheese and crackers were yummy! Rochelle and Chris decided to bring the cheese and crackers with them in case they got hungry in the hotel. Aussie immigration confiscated it. No one was allowed to bring in food from the plane.
I forgot to take a picture of dessert which I consummed way too fast luckily Rochelle still had ice cream bar whole.

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